The Difference between a Dusty Dude and a Mack/Player down on His Luck

I was conversing with my friend that has been down on his luck ever since the job-freeze has taken place and decided to kick some game to him. I’m sharing it here, so players can learn some things as well.
Alright, my homie met up with his latest chick, a lawyer, after she closed the office she was at. They had conversed a while before she had to head out. While chatting, she told him about the guy whose office she has been getting setup. The guy is a friend of the family, so she has been helping for free, or close to nothing. Now, for the work she is doing--and the amount of time and energy it has taken—dude should be paying her nicely. However, she is attempting to help him due to his relationship with her family. I told my homie the below.
Tell her to start treating assisting him as a business and charge him, accordingly. Furthermore, tell her to throw that entire friend of the family shit out of the window. Family and friends are the 1st to fuck you over. They get away with it because people tend to lower their guards when dealing with friends and relatives as opposed to strangers. This allows friends and family to use them. Now, my homie let me know that he is hesitant to do that because he has only just begun interacting with her and that could cause her to blow. I told him that if she blows, then she has done you a favor since she’d then be a fake bitch, so you wouldn’t be able to use her anyway. (Sidenote: Everyone uses each other. However, it’s okay when it’s reciprocal.) I told him that a real lady will respect the realness of that, thus making you her number 1 priority. (This eliminates other potential suitors.) Furthermore, this will make her inquire what she can do for you. (People tend to naturally reciprocate unless they’re selfish.) I told him that once she offers, tell her to use her connections to have someone reach out to hire you. He made notes of this and said he’d look into doing this next time he meets her.
Now, the last part of what I told him differentiates the dusty dude from a mack/player down on his luck. We all hit low-points, but macks and players are far-thinking individuals—so in a situation like his—it’s more advantageous to have her use her connections to your benefit rather than to ask her for money to help you (not that he asked her for money to help him cope). Dusty dudes only see what is in their faces so they can’t see that by asking a female for bread—in a situation like this—they’re setting themselves up for a mother-son relationship. Macks/players understand that by allowing her to use her connections to get him in the door--and his using his skills to keep him in—he’ll better his situation, interdependent of her rather than dependent on her. Furthermore—by making himself stand on his own 2 feet—the mack/player creates a foundation under himself so if things were to go to ruin between him and the female, he’ll still be financially stable. The guy in the mother-son relationship will have put himself at her mercy, and if things go to ruin, then he’ll be cutoff. However, the man that makes himself financially stable--interdependent of her--can still be financially stable independent of her. Jobs—even if obtained through connections—aren’t likely to lay off workers that produce simply because the employee’s connect and he/she had a falling out. Money speaks louder than words, so the job will listen to the money being made. I told my friend this last paragraph’s spiel as well.

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