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Social Justice Warriors and Pro-Self-Interests

First off, many notable social justice warriors do not stand up for justice out of the kindness of their hearts. (Sorry to kill anyone’s delusions.) Many social justice warriors stand up for social justice for money. This is a business move. Furthermore, many social justice warriors align themselves with anything that happens to be the latest uproar. This means that sometimes social justice warriors align themselves with a movement that happens to be the direct opponent of another movement the social justice warrior previously aligned himself/herself with. This is because social justice warriors attempt to be too encompassing. Furthermore, and this is strictly for my Melanese people, social justice warriors immediately turn their backs on us once we actually become equal. This goes into the second issue involving social justice warriors. Many social justice warriors become social justice warriors to relieve White guilt derived from White privilege. It helps them sleep better at night …

So Educated, Yet So Stupid

I had an incident in class that inspired this post. While I was in class, my instructor (Dr. Jacobs) talked about her personal life involving her children. While doing so, she mentioned her daughter Bailey being targeted by her teachers. She also stated that her daughter is one of the few Black children in the school and the only Black child in her class. Due to this, I mentioned to Dr. Jacobs that her daughter was being targeted. Dr. Jacobs attempted to disprove my argument by telling me a story involving something that Bailey’s teacher did to a White student. Basically, she told me an injustice that the instructor committed against a White student so that she could explain that the instructor is simply that way. I inquired if any punishments had been dealt out to the instructor. Dr. Jacobs responded by saying that the teacher was written up, but nothing happened because the professor is tenured.
Information about this.
I disregarded her example because Dr. Jacobs is a liar. I’ve caugh…

Challenging Your Game

I’ve heard many fools talk about getting at uncooperative/unreceptive females in an attempt to challenge their game. Only a game-goofy clown would actually believe that dealing with uncooperative women is a means of testing his game. The way to challenge one’s game is to meet a cooperative lady and see how far your game can go with her. The measurement of one’s game is the results it derives. You can be a person saying magnificently well-thought-out lines, but if your game yields no results, then your game is nothing to your demographic. Furthermore, if you intentionally seek out challenging candidates, then your game is complete garbage, and so are you. The purpose in upgrading yourself is not to deliberately seek challenges. We upgrade ourselves so that we’ll be well-equipped to deal with opportunities when they present themselves. Acutely addressing issues is a byproduct of having game. So, you can have $1 million worth of game hidden within you, but never actually attain $1 millio…

The Black Elite

In my last post, I spoke about how it’s time to start distancing ourselves from coons--Black people that start deflecting and coming up with smoke-screens when it’s time to talk about replacing the system of White supremacy with a system of justice. What a lot of Black people don’t know is that in every city, big or small, you have the Black Elite. The Black Elite is broken down into five groups--all working different angles with the same goal to deflect from the goal of having a system of justice. Now, when I say a system of justice, I just mean everything being on an even playing field; no special treatment for any groups. The Black Elite has already sold out. They have no interest in helping the Black community. Their only job is to get a nice check and control progress, nothing more and nothing less. Let’s break down the different parts of the Black Elite.

Church- This is the most dangerous division of the Black Elite. Certain pastors use the church to keep you sleeping. All week, …

King’s Rule

Everyone knows about Pareto’s Rule (80/20). Well, in the Black community, we like to take things to the extreme, so I’m introducing my rule—King’s Rule (90/10).
Now, if you observe the way females post on social media, then, you know that it is impossible for them to be making posts about the majority of Black men. Black women are fucking 10% of the male populace in the Black community.
Moreover, 5% are affluent, and the other 5% are broke. Black females try to date rich guys in an attempt to come up. This doesn’t work out because average women are just liabilities for affluent guys, and affluent guys simply have too many other options available. So, Black females date broke guys because they can control them because broke guys are reliant upon them. 
Now, 90% of the posts on social media are about the aforementioned 10% of men. Moreover, the dismissed 90% of the available guys aren’t dependent upon females. However, this 90% is invisible in the eyes of 90% of females. This leaves 10% of…

Moving and Shaking

Peep! We've all heard the saying "Close mouths don't get fed!" That's a proverb worth its weight in gold for movers and shakers in the game. Traveling from state to state solo--I've picked up more than a few inseparable habits that have been beneficial to my wellbeing. 

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in the soulful state of Louisiana looking for relaxation and motivation. So, I bend corners through the infamous drive-thru Daiquiri Shop on the four-way of Lafayette. I copped me a lean Daiquiri and jumped fresh. Listening to K.R.I.T's "Drinkers' Club"--I hit the local club area downtown. This area is mostly college students and shit. 

So, I get there and ask the parking attendant what's the move for the night. He names a club--promising a good time. He must not have peeped a nigga's pedigree. Because I get there, and it's live alright. Club full of 19-year-old white chicks dancing and throwing their asses off beat. Drunken fra…