Challenging Your Game

I’ve heard many fools talk about getting at uncooperative/unreceptive females in an attempt to challenge their game. Only a game-goofy clown would actually believe that dealing with uncooperative women is a means of testing his game. The way to challenge one’s game is to meet a cooperative lady and see how far your game can go with her. The measurement of one’s game is the results it derives. You can be a person saying magnificently well-thought-out lines, but if your game yields no results, then your game is nothing to your demographic. Furthermore, if you intentionally seek out challenging candidates, then your game is complete garbage, and so are you. The purpose in upgrading yourself is not to deliberately seek challenges. We upgrade ourselves so that we’ll be well-equipped to deal with opportunities when they present themselves. Acutely addressing issues is a byproduct of having game. So, you can have $1 million worth of game hidden within you, but never actually attain $1 million worth of results because you chose to expend your energy dealing with an uncooperative female that can only elicit $100K worth of results—thus bringing your game down to $100K value. In conclusion, choose quality material to focus your energy on, lest you waste your time devaluing your game.


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