Moving and Shaking

Peep! We've all heard the saying "Close mouths don't get fed!" That's a proverb worth its weight in gold for movers and shakers in the game. Traveling from state to state solo--I've picked up more than a few inseparable habits that have been beneficial to my wellbeing. 

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in the soulful state of Louisiana looking for relaxation and motivation. So, I bend corners through the infamous drive-thru Daiquiri Shop on the four-way of Lafayette. I copped me a lean Daiquiri and jumped fresh. Listening to K.R.I.T's "Drinkers' Club"--I hit the local club area downtown. This area is mostly college students and shit. 

So, I get there and ask the parking attendant what's the move for the night. He names a club--promising a good time. He must not have peeped a nigga's pedigree. Because I get there, and it's live alright. Club full of 19-year-old white chicks dancing and throwing their asses off beat. Drunken frat boys are chugging beers and shit. 

Now, initially I was going to make the best of a lame situation, but my better nature and game kicked in. "Really nigga?! Is this what we're doing tonight?!" I head to the bar for Cognac and contemplation of my next move. I ordered a double shot of Hennessy. While the bartender fixed my drink, I surveyed the dance floor for a favorable prospect to snatch up and leave as soon as possible. I found none. Now, I don't know how many of you have been to those college type of clubs that're 18 and up and use plastic cups out of convenience for the many soda orders. Moreover, young motherfuckers' inability to hold on to their damn drinks. However, that was it for me. I hate drinking out of plastic cups. So, I start chopping it up with the bartender. Late twenties white dude.

"Say Bruh, what's the age group in here?" He replies 18 and up. Which I already knew, but I'm building and steering him into the intel that I want from him. 
"Damn, I thought they looked a little young." "You seem rather older yourself. You must own this spot or something?" "Naw," He replied. I just went to school out here, graduated, and stayed." 
"Cool. That's what’s up. So, are there any other venues out here that are of an older crowd?" He names some other spot. The name sounded kind of skeptical, so I pressed him. "Oh yeah. That's what’s up. Appreciate it. How are the women? Is it a sophisticated spot? Where do you go when you want to kick it with quality chicks?" Even if he doesn't kick it with quality chicks, he, at least, has to respond with something worthy--due to such a direct question to his vanity in order to save face. He says, "Yeah, it is nice, or you can try XYZ. It's really top notch. That's where I go when I'm not here. Then he reaches for my untouched cup and pours the liquor in its proper glass. A sniffer like it’s supposed to be. Adds a shot, and then returns it. By that gesture, I knew he was now being straight up, and the spot might be official. He then tells me about another place just in case the other was dead. 

I press on. "I appreciate the good info. I'm from out of town. I'm glad you really know the club scene around here because another guy sent me to some bullshit. I like kicking it in smaller bars and lounges. Like local spots where you can shoot pool with the owner!"
He replies" I know what you mean. I think XYZ will be there. Yeah, he should. He's the owner of that spot."

"Oh yeah? Is he any good at pool? What does he look like? I'm going to shoot pool with him."

Needless to say. I stepped into a majority white club. Suited and booted. Everyone is looking like who the fuck is this nigga. I spot the owner and walk straight up to him--like I've known him for years. I shook his hand and told him, "XYZ referred me to your place. He says, "It’s the best bar in town." I don't know if he knew the other nigga or not, but he went along with it. He brought me to the bar, and I drank all night on the house. I guess he didn’t want any trouble. The newfound "friend" opened all of the bitches there, and they chose a mack, comfortably. -HighLife Phi, Courtesy of UPA (January 9, 2014)

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