Guys with No Game

What inspired this post is constant blaming of oneself I’ve seen done by guys. Years ago, when I touched down back in the States and began hitting up the scene, I did not obtain the results that I would have liked. Each time I would leave an interaction—that didn’t go well--, I would analyze the exchange. Each time I would find that there was very little for me to improve upon. Now, in the game, you learn to analyze yourself and critique yourself. So much emphasis is put on critiquing oneself that critiquing the other individual gets looked over. However, that is exactly what was transpiring with me. I was doing mostly everything right, while the females were doing mostly everything wrong. However, the notion of critiquing the other individual did not originate from me. I learned to start evaluating the woman’s interaction with me from Tariq Nasheed. He did a podcast--many years ago—on Mack Lessons Radio, where he talked about evaluating the female after you’ve evaluated yourself. This is what led me to begin assessing the woman’s behavior after our exchanges. This was when I began to realize that they were the problem. Now, if you meet one female whose behavior is wack, then you can chalk her up to being lame. Moreover, you can spit at a different woman. However, if you meet an abundance of females whose behavior is wack, then you need to evaluate the environment that you’re in. Moreover, you need to change your environment. Now, if you meet several wack females in different cities within your state, then you need to evaluate the cities within your state. Moreover, you need to migrate to a different state. Finally, if you meet several wack females--in various states--throughout your country, then you need to evaluate your
country. Moreover, you need to start campaigning overseas and perhaps even immigrate.
Now, a game-goofy guy would just focus on himself while neglecting to look at the bigger picture—hence the title of this post. It always pays to see the full picture. It allows you to see things in pristine detail; this allows you to come up with definitive solutions.
Enclosing, always take accountability for things that are your fault. However, never accept responsibility for things that are not your fault.

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