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In this post, we’re going to speak on how to schedule women in--or should I say around--your life. I’m going to share a theory of mine and why I came to this formula. Now, it is a theory, so feel free to tweak it to your liking. Alternatively, if you have a different angle on it, please share with the board. My reason for coming up with this formula is because in the past I’ve let women with potential slip through the cracks because I was either preoccupied with other women or just not including them in my schedule. Now, with that being stated, no woman--including one's mother--should run a man’s life or his day-to-day schedule. However, let’s keep it 100. If you continue to neglect her, she won’t be neglected for long. 

So, I initially thought to myself “What’s a way to keep women that admire me--on some level or another--around longer?” Now, this isn’t some magic trick to keep her in your life. Plenty will come and go--the good ones on down to the jump-offs. However, this will help you better manage your team and spot who are your stars and rising stars.
So, I first took inventory of the women I have in my life, not including family (but if you have close relationships with sisters, aunts, etc. it may help to incorporate them within the proper perspective of course). Once I had them all on a list, I then asked myself what each woman brings to the table. I broke it down into six categories: Allies, Potential Allies, Jump-offs, Pending More Info, Casual Associates, and Wastes-of-Time. 

Now, let me explain each category then we’ll get into how each should fit into your planner. 

1.    An ally is just that. She’s someone who has proven over time that she’s down for a give-and-take relationship rather than just a "you give, and I’ll take" relationship. These are the women your team should mostly be comprised of, or at a bare minimum your big 3. 
2.    Potential ally is that woman that has shown great qualities while dating her, but she hasn’t put in the time or had a genuine challenge from you to show if she is indeed an ally or a glorified jump-off/casual associate. 
3.    Jump-offs. Need I say more? Doesn’t mean she’s sleazy or anything, but the relationship is more about casual sex and casual encounters--i.e. maybe a few drinks and a stand-up movie in between. She may only want casual encounters from you, or it may be mutual. This could be due to several factors like schedules not lining up. She stays 30 minutes through 45 minutes away. You really only like this chick in the sack, and that’s the extent of it. Who knows, but they have their role on the team. 
4.    Pending more info. These are usually women you’ve just met and haven’t been around enough to know what role she’ll play. However, as we are aware, you should always be adding new draft picks as other players--including star players--will fall off of the map eventually.
5.    Casual associates. Ole girl from work that likes you, but you’re not sexually attracted to her like that. However, she’s shown herself to be cool and resourceful. Yeah, this is her category. I have a homie like that now. She’s not bad looking really, but just doesn’t do it for me. However, the chick is cool, has hookups, and has shown love through favors and gifts. This can also be an old mate that you’ve allowed back in the picture now. I never let good people go like that. Disclaimer: the casual associate must be on your terms, not hers.
6.    Finally, we have Mrs. Waste-of-time. No woman on your team is beyond making it to this category. Whether it’s a bad attitude, bad mannerisms, filthy house, or even an ally that now thinks she’s in a good enough position to start getting extra smart at the mouth with you, you have to know when to walk away from them. If you’re a true-to-life player, you always have a filter of chicks heading to the recycling bin. Hell, I just cut 1 off today while typing this. She was pending-more-info, but now I know this bitch is wack and would waste my time. :-D

So, now that we have the categories explained, I’ll go into how I configured adding them to the schedule. Now, mind you this can include a combination of seeing them, calling them, texting them, emailing them, or facetiming them. Here are my suggested amounts of how to ration the attention out:
Allies- 1-3 contacts per week
Potential Allies- 1-2 contacts per week
Jump-offs- 1 contact every two weeks
Pending More Info- 1 contact per week till you can categorize her
Casual Associate- 1 contact every 2 weeks
Waste of Time- delete all contact info and block her from contacting you, if at all possible

Now, I find--for myself--that it’s best to reach out Tuesday through Thursday, and I have a reason behind it. Flex spoke on how women get that weekend-diva high when they’re all dolled up on a Friday through Sunday. Then, you have the simps they've met over the weekend blowing them up on Monday. So, for me, Tuesday is a great day to reach out because they’ve had 2 days back at work (reality). They have the weekend as well as the workweek to discuss now. These are also the days you know there isn’t much popping, so they’re also ideal days to meet up with your potential allies and pending-more-info chicks. Now, jump-offs are usually an on-call basis. Allies are proven teammates that've earned seeing you fresh-to-death on weekends. Casual associates are a step above the jump-offs, in reference to spending time.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. I'm sure someone is asking "Well, what if she blows up my phone?" That is a good thing. It’s called she’s showing interest. If you choose to give her attention or not is solely at your discretion at that time. I just know--for me--this is a way that I can manage a team while knowing who is coming and going. It’s not cool losing a chick that was showing interest because you worried about a chick that will soon be in the recycling bin.

On a side note, I suggest--at least--every other weekend should be yours. This is when you hang with friends and family, indulge in your hobbies solo, or even look for new recruits. Also, even allies should not take up your entire weekend--or an entire day --until they’ve put time in and/or have shown you how down they are for you. Only star players should spend a whole day with you and get the road trips and extras.

These are my management techniques. Feel free to add your input. -b.warren_1, Courtesy of UPA (June 30, 2015)

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