Why Black People Need To Build Businesses Rather Than Look For Jobs

Before I say what I'm about to say, I am not saying don't get a job to pay your bills and buy your trinkets in the meantime. What I'm saying is as Black People, Melanoid People, Moorish Gods, etc. (whatever you want to call us), we need to start focusing on building businesses here's why:

Entrepreneurship is all about solving problems. What's the biggest problem in the country right now? Racism? Yes, but that's not going to go anywhere so deal with it from a position of power instead of at the bottom of the foot of the oppressors. Classism? Yes, that's also not going anywhere either because it's the wealthy and powerful who used racism in this country in the first place. Leadership? Be your own leader. Tariq Nasheed is a hell of a napalm-spitter, and we love his works, but with that being said, he is not our leader--nor does he want to be.

So what is the biggest problem in the country right now? Unemployment!

"But I thought you said don't focus on getting a job?"

I'm not talking about getting a job... I'm talking about creating them. If Black people concentrate on building businesses for the next 50 years, how would that look for not only Black Empowerment but for the economy?

The job market would increase, and more and more people would not be affected by the national Unemployment problem

If more black people are business owners, that means they don't have to beg for jobs from outside the black community

If you have more black-owned businesses, not only black people will come looking for a job at your business.

We can single-handedly save the nation's economic problem which gives Black people stronger political influence. If black people are creating jobs and jumpstarting the economy, the government will be glad to hand over money for improvements and work on behalf of Black people

Does everyone qualify to run a business? No. Will all these firms succeed? No. The thing is the more black-owned businesses you put out there, the higher the chances of them succeeding at a higher rate. These businesses don't even need to be in an actual store. I mean, it would be nice, but if you have products you sell online, and hire black people you know to help you out, you are still creating the same result. From the money you make from that, if you want, you can open up an actual brick and mortar business.

If you currently own a web-based business, share the link with as many people as possible. Note: DO NOT SPAM YOUR LINK!!!! If only we in this forum know of a black-owned business in each business sector, whether it's online or offline, this will get the ball rolling for circulation of our Black dollars. Imagine if only a few thousand black-owned businesses got to reap the rewards of the Black $2 trillion spending. Wouldn't this mean more expansion projects for these small black-owned businesses? Why not be a business owner so you can profit from your own people? Tariq Nasheed is doing it. Claud Anderson is doing it. Why not you? If someone says, "You're trying to make money off of Black folks!" Say, "HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!" At least when you do it, Black people will be 100 times better off by you doing it than someone who profits off of you and thinks that you're sub-human. A lot of these non-Black fashion designers--that Black people wear on their backs--don't think highly of Black people. As a matter, if fact, a lot of them don't want us wearing their clothes. It's funny because the Black people that say, "You’re trying to make money off of Black people" are the same ones wearing clothes from fashion designers that don't, even, want them wearing their clothes.

Start off small. Create a web-based business that puts money in your pocket so that you can quit your job. Then focus the rest of your breathing life making that business generate more money for you. When you're dead and gone, have your children focus their breathing years making that business make even more money than you could. When they're gone, have their children do it. This is how you have a white-owned Company that has been in business for hundreds of years. Don't be mad at them; they're only doing the very thing that we could be doing ourselves. Imagine having your business still up and running in the year 2216! I think the longest a Black-owned business lasts for is about 50 years because Black people are usually made an offer they can't refuse by other races of people. Once that happens, it is no longer a Black-owned business.

Moral of this post: If you're Black, learn how to build a business from the ground up, even if it only makes a few hundred bucks a month. If you can make a few hundred bucks a month, and if you keep working at it and learning how to improve that business--years down the line--your business could make millions of dollars a year. Black Empowerment is the solution to more problems than you think! –Confidence Magnet, Courtesy of UPA (November 29, 2016) (Post)

Good sound advice. I will also add to it. Brothers need to also strategically choose the jobs they are working in until they build their business.
Too many of us have this "I'm just thankful to have a job" mentality when we need to ask ourselves, “If I want to own real estate, is there a job that will teach me the real estate game while paying me?” I hate it when I hear brothers with big dreams, for example, owning a bar, yet they just flip burgers. Why not work as a bartender until you get your paper up? Each step (or job) has to help lead up to the final goal (your own business).
Never forget, when you are working with less, every position counts more, so make sure all roads lead to your purpose. –Zane502, Courtesy of UPA (Comment)

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