Investment Alternatives

So, in this post, I’m going to talk a little bit about investment alternatives. One thing people should look into are variants of indexed universal life policies. They mimic the stock market to an explicitly stated percentage rate. They allow you to borrow money from your built-up cash value for emergencies without affecting the death benefit—provided your cash value surpasses the death benefit. Alternatively, the borrowed money will just subtract from the death benefit amount. However, the real attribute is that they don’t lose money—even when the stock market goes down. They still earn 1%. Moreover, an experienced agent can cover your inheritance passed down from a loved one so that you can receive your money without, even, having to pay taxes. Also, this policy can be written on your children. It can be used as an alternative to a College Savings Plan—provided you buy the policy when your children are young, and you overfund the policy.
Next, annuities are another great vehicle. They work like pensions. They pay you until you die. Afterward, they’ll pay your spouse until he/she dies. Finally, if there is any money left, it can be used as a death benefit. Alternatively, it can be passed down to your children. It can, even, be written on your children. It can be an inheritance that helps them out later in life when they retire from working.


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