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Why Calling Black Men "Hyper-masculine" Can Actually Be Taken As A Compliment

Black men are usually targeted by White Supremacist and their ass-kissing minions for every little thing.  One thing that sticks out to me is when some of these White Supremacists and their ass-kissing army say that Black men suffer from "hyper-masculinity.”  If you want to know what the term "hyper-masculinity" means, here's an excerpt, I took from
Hyper-masculinity is a psychological term for the exaggeration of stereotypical male behavior, such as an emphasis on physical strength, aggression, and sexuality. This term can be pejorative, though it is also used when examining the behavior dispassionately. One of the first studies of hyper-masculinity was conducted by Donald L. Mosher and Mark Sirkin in 1984. Mosher and Sirkin have operationally defined hyper-masculinity or the "macho personality" as consisting of the following three variables: a "callous sexual attitudes toward women," b "the belief that violence is manly,&quo…

Never Ask for Things that you should be Given, Command Them

This post goes out to all of the Aboriginal people in the diaspora. Many of us have a terrible knack for asking for things that should be given to us. I don't know when, but a long time ago, I broke that cycle.  For the longest, I haven't asked for things that should be given to me. I merely talk as if these things are already a given. Now, I'm going to give an example of a business negotiation that resulted in my company changing its compensation policy--at least for me. My company has a policy regarding its life insurance policies. It compensates the insurance agents via production-credits. The insurance agents get the production-credits--while the financial specialist receives the compensation. It doesn't matter if the insurance agent is licensed in life insurance as well. Now, how many aborigine people would take this policy as is? However, my personal constitution doesn't allow me to let people screw me out of money. So, whenever I'm presented a fishy deal…

WNBA: Wage Gap Problem

Currently, a hot issue is the wage gap in the WNBA. These women have a right to be upset due to how low their wages are--compared to their male counterparts. However, their grievance shouldn't be with their male colleagues. Furthermore, they shouldn't look for the men to stand in solidarity with them. How often do we see women stand in solidarity with men--in regards to men's issues?
Furthermore, the men of the NBA aren’t the ones that write their checks. That's the main reason why their grievance shouldn't be with the NBA players. Their issue should be with the WNBA owners that are underpaying them. However, taking to social media to voice their grievances isn't going to solve their wage gap concerns. This country was founded on slavery.
Furthermore, throughout this country's existence, it has been plagued with having to combat labor unions. So, it's fair to say that this country doesn't believe in honest pay for an honest day's work. Unless ther…

Your Mission in Life

L.A.R Movement discusses this in his video.

Previously, I shared a video from one of my favorite series in which a character said the same thing.

By the way, if you want to see more of L.A.R Movement’s videos, check his YouTube channel

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