The Cause of the United States Military Might

As we all know, the United States invests a significant portion of everyone's income into its military. However, this isn't the sole reason why the US is a military powerhouse. To understand why the US is a military Powerhouse one has merely to look at its name,  “United States.” This means that it consists of several states that are united. This is where the US differs from most other countries. Many continents are filled with many countries. North America is primarily filled with four countries. (It also has Central America which consists of smaller countries.) However, Greenland, Canada, Mexico, and the United States are the major countries that make-up
North America. South America doesn't have too many countries either. However, the United States is unique. The states--which are about the size of many Eastern-Continents' countries--are united. So, the primary benefit that the United States has is unification and codification. If a country chooses to go to war with the US, then it is going to war with all 50 states which are about the size of other continents' countries. Furthermore, each of these countries will be working together to defeat a familiar foe.
Now, on the flipside, let's take Asia. In the US, it treats Asia as
though it is a country. Asia is a continent. In the US, countries such as Iran, Iraq, Palestine, and many others are called the Middle East. In truth, there is no such thing as the Middle East. The so-called “Middle East” is really Asia. However, the problem that the Asians face is that Asia is littered with many smaller countries. Many of these countries oppose each other. Therefore, if a super united country goes against the smaller countries, it simply crushes them. The same stance applies to Africa as well. This is also why it's difficult for many African countries to harness resources--as well as military might. (There are other factors at work too; one is the heavy taxation that many African countries face from France.) However, the separatist mindset is why larger countries dominate many smaller countries.
In conclusion, if smaller countries ever decided to unify and form a super country, they'd have a fighting chance against super countries that oppress them.

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