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Be My Tool

Right now, America is in a state of political unrest. ADOS is loud and rampant. Members are showing up and disrupting events. These actions are cultivating our messages to the main stage—rather the dominant society likes it or not. This political unrest is necessary to ensure our empowerment. Now, I’m going to point to something that Professor Black Truth (PBT) said in a video. He mentioned having one of ours run as a candidate. Now, unfortunately, we don’t have anyone to do that. However, we have a member of the dominant society that has whistled to us that she’s okay with isolating herself from her community. Of course, she’ll need some guidance. However, currently, she’s our best prospect for forwarding our message on the political stage. Now, truthfully, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll win. She’ll probably lose by a landslide. However, this is the long game. We’re in this for the long haul. Every next step will get us further to our objective. Like PBT said, the 1st candidate get…

The Media’s Influence on Culture

Anyone that reads my posts can tell that I’m an ardent anime fan. So, I’m going to point out something that I’ve peeped in recent animes that’s becoming a norm. I’m noticing a rise in harems in animes that aren’t harems. Examples of these are animes such as “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” “The Rising of The Shield Hero,” and “Overlord.” None of these animes are harems. They’re all isekais. 
An isekai is an anime about a protagonist that gets transported to another world. Examples of older isekais are series such as “Inuyasha,”  “Fushigi Yugi,” and “Digimon Adventure.”
It used to be that harems were a very defined genre. Most harems were mostly slice of life—albeit done in different settings. They’re generally favored by women—ironically. However, the aforementioned series hold more serious tones and are favored more by men. Also, these series are more popular than isekais typically are. Prior to the popularity of Sword Art Online, the last major isekai was “.Hack//Sign.” I ne…

Winning Over The Guardians At Play

When I initially made this post, I decided to leave off a story of applying this. I just wanted folks to focus on the information. However, I’ve decided to update this post and include the story. So, years ago, while at work on my lunch break, we stopped by a Subway restaurant. While there, I saw this fine broad sitting with her grandmother eating. At this time, I worked for a school bus company. So, I was dressed in a t-shirt, reflector vest, jeans, and steel-toe boots. I forgot what shawty was wearing. However, she was dressed comfortably.
Anyway, I introduced myself to her grandmother. I let her grandmother know that I was there on lunch, and I was with my coworkers. I approached the grandmother as though she was the mother—just in case. I told her that I noticed her daughter and wanted to introduce myself--with her permission. From here, the grandmother asked me a few questions about what do I do. I let her know that I’m training to drive school buses for when school starts back. W…

Fed Admits Massive Number of People NOT Working! U.S. Economy in Real Crisis

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