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Deranging a Society

Lately, the American government has been pushing various off-putting views upon Black people—regarding sexuality. For Black men, this social-deranging is the usual two-fold, racism mixed with misandry. So, I’m going to touch on various developments that are going on.
Let’s start with school curriculums. There are currently 4 states requiring Alphabet History to be taught. The claim for mandating these teachings is that it teaches tolerance. However, it’s 2019, yet African-American history is optional in Winston-Salem, NC. This is despite the populace of Black residents being 34.3% in 2017. Nowhere in the country is the Alphabet populace that high.
Next, we have companies like Always pretending to cave under pressure from the Alphabet community. Of course, this is a farce. The NFL faced heavy scrutiny for blacklisting Colin Kaepernick and cosigning racism. Yet, they never buckled. Instead, they hired a coon to act as a mascot to stop the hemorrhaging. So, don’t believe for a moment that …

Flipping the Script: Pussy-On-Demand

(This post is courtesy of the United Players of America.)
I met a broad recently who is a bad bitch. Physically speaking, she is undoubtedly a dime. This the type of bitch that--if you go out to eat with--every nigga in the place (including dikes) has to get a look at. However, her behavior is different than what I'm used to. This female breaks bread with your boy, takes me to eat, and buys things for my house. Moreover, I've only known her for a week now. Long story short; she's a tease like no other. I mean I'll have her ass laid up in my bed with just a bra and g-string, then I go to make my move, and she says some slick shit so we don't end up fucking.

Fellas, help the kid out here because I can't make sense of this situation. I mean, the bitch is spending dollars and sleeping with me damn near butt-naked, how come she isn't letting me hit? -Macro, 05/27/2016

I can see that you’re taking my advice to heart. That’s what’s up. Since you’ve been listening so …


Before you start reading this post, I’d like to give some context to the poster. He’s a bachelor that makes $90K plus annually. -TheKing_65

For us 35+ cats, what's the best way to attempt to get no-strings-attached sex from an attractive woman? I continue to run across women that want relationships. And the only chicks I meet that are down for casual sex with me are the chubby and/or hurt face ones. -KS2500, May 07, 2016 (Post)

Go international or date down. Considering the income that you’re bringing in, many women view you as their savior, so unless you’re willing to play that role, you’re going to have to date down. Most women only bring their ability to provide sex to the table. Being that you have way more disposable income than broke bitches, they’re going to throw you the pussy in an attempt to catch you. If you don’t mind dating women with little to anything going for them, then you can smash all the time. However, most females at your level are practicing hypergamy, so they…

Distorting the Message

Recently, I had the displeasure of conversing with someone over an article pawning itself off as a push toward reparations. Now, I understand that many ADOS people want to see change and have been motivated by different messages floating around. However, listen, study, and learn before giving your opinion. People aren’t able to tell if you’re well-read or dimwitted if you don’t say anything. So, you remain an enigma. It’s better to be a mystery than a dimwit. The Daily Northwestern’s article is clearly a thinly disguised welfare article pawning itself off as a reparations article. It talks about granting property tax relief for Black people that are longtime residential property owners. This is far too stripped down to qualify as reparations. Also, it grants relief on down payments and rental assistance. This already exists. We have Habitat for Humanity that does this for single mothers. Also, it’s not enough to qualify as reparations.
“Ideas for the reparations plan will move to a sub…

A debate I had with someone about critical analyzation versus formal research

I have been clear in my position that Black Lives Matter (BLM) pimped out the deaths of Black men, ignored the efforts of working-class Black men and women, and used white liberal networks for money, fame, and distortions of Black communities around the country for their own agenda (e.g.patriarchal, homophobic, etc.).

As Black academics, we are expected to jump on every hashtag movement and discourse that comes about. Colin Kapernick, a Black man, lost his career to bring awareness to the murder of other Black men--a group he belongs to. BLM alienated Black men, and working-class folks and the women that led this organization became famous.

There is an industrial complex both social and academic that profits from the condemnation of Black male life, and the celebration of Black male death. –Dr. Harry Thompson (Post), 04/23/2018

(The below will showcase a debate that I had with someone that only believes formal research. Now, although it’s good to qualify your beliefs based off of researc…