Tired of being scared to approach women!

What's up, players. I know just by reading the title of my post, many guys are already thinking, "man you need to step your game up." Ok, so I'm in my late twenties, and I have never been able to consistently talk to dimes, never had the confidence to do so. Now, I have reached a point where I'm tired of settling for females that are in need of an upgrade. I want to get the girl that I actually want. Am I hopeless or deep down could there be an inner mack inside of me? I have almost all of Tariq's books, and I listen to the podcasts, but it is just hard for me to apply the game that I have received from listening to Tariq. I think I am just used to taking L's, so that makes it hard for me to gain any momentum. –Young Hustle, Courtesy of UPA (December 4, 2015) (Post)

Understand the principle of supply and demand. 

To get with women, you have to understand what they demand from men--not what they say they want, but what men possess that causes them to act in …

Study Finds That Men Like Nice Women, But Not the Other Way Around


Putting Pressure On A Bitch: Stop the Games Women Play

So, jumping straight to it (and players feel free to add on). FUCK what anybody is saying; it’s all about...


Like Tariq said in his podcast--Money Stops The Bullshit--I’m building on just that. Question: you know that motherfucker that's been talking about what he or she is going to do and accomplish for years now and hasn't made the slightest progress. Well, how much could you trust that person? I mean granted they're "fuck-ups"; to what extinct can you leave them with responsibilities with major things (job, relationship, reputation, and etc.) are on the line and trust they won’t disappoint? Moreover, from this, let’s use a family member/longtime friend just as an example. 

I forgot exactly which podcast it was; I think it was like recession hustling or something like that; 1 of the old Mack Lessons Radio shows. However, Tariq said (and, of course, I'm paraphrasing) that 1 should use their messed up circumstances and disadvantages a…

If She is Interested, She will make Time

Alright, I’m going to share with you a few stories about the lengths that females will go to in order to see you when they are interested. Afterward, I’m going to tell you about the excuses that a woman will give you when they are merely wasting your time.
To begin, I want to share a few stories from a friend of mine involving some women that he has dealt with in his past and what lengths they went to because they were interested. Now, the first female that he dealt with was a manager in a retail outlet. She would call him every day and try to talk to him all day. She did this despite having three young children and being a manager. Alright, the second female that he dealt with was also a manager at some company that would message him throughout the day on Facebook, just to keep in touch with him; she also has a young child and a teenager at home. Next, is the third female that he dealt with that also is a manager at a company. This woman would call him on her work phone while at work …

Men Aren’t Shit Intro

So, I'm talking to my homie earlier, and he tells me about an argument that happened at his job. Apparently a brawd there wanted to have a gender discussion; fellas, whenever women wish to have gender discussions, just know that they are only interested in blaming men for everything wrong in their lives. Men leave them for being wack, and they can't get over it. They want them to stick around and so-called "work" on the relationship, but in reality they just want dudes to put up with them being wack & unwilling to change.
So, back to the brawd that wanted to have a gender discussion, she ended up getting roasted by the dusty nigga at my homie's job. Let me give you a brief rundown about the dusty nigga.
The nigga went on break, smoked weed, and came back into the building smelling like weed. If that doesn't show you that a nigga doesn't give a fuck about his job, I don't know what will. He also tried to fuck a female at his job, in the building, if …

Tariq's Advice: It’s Logical, but is it Practical?

One of the main reasons why most of us came to this site is because we either wanted to learn game required to pull chicks or become macks. While from a logical standpoint I can agree with Tariq's reasoning when it comes to game, I am wondering how practical his advice is?

For example: 

1. Not buying drinks for chicks in the club. I have not yet experienced or met a dude that can recall, after not buying a drink for a girl who asked, having her pop his collar and giving him play. She would just move on to the next dude she suspects is a trick.

2. Telling a chick what to do, instead of asking her. Long story short, the result is going to be an argument due to her getting an attitude.

3. Not taking chicks out on expensive dates. Simple, low-key, inexpensive--if these are the words that you would use to describe a first date--then be prepared to either not get a first date or a second (if she has enough control not to curse you out on the first date).

4. Not buying expensive gifts for gir…

Hey Time Magazine, Everyone Down Voted Anita. So How Did She Get Into The Top 100?

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