Getting the most information out of a female

What's good players! We live in a time where a person can build a reputation for themselves and then move to another state or even a country and start out "fresh." This limits us players because we don't have any knowledge on whether a bitch is crazy, a gold digger, a cheater, or whatever. So, I'm going to give you some tips on how to find out the most information directly from the bitch's mouth!

"The only way to peep a fool is to let him show his hand, then you play your cards." –Jay-Z

When is the best time to find out the most information on a bitch? Right when you meet her! The reason for this is because when you first meet a bitch, she has absolutely no knowledge on your morals or ethics. She doesn't know you from a can of paint. When you first meet a broad, you should keep your morals and values to yourself. The reason for this is because when you display them to a female--or a person for that matter--they'll put up a wall, and they will …


For us 35+ cats, what's the best way to attempt to get no-strings-attached sex from an attractive woman? I continue to run across women that want relationships. Moreover, the only chicks I meet that are down for casual sex with me are the chubby and/or hurt face ones. –KS2500, Courtesy of UPA (May 08, 2016) (Post)

Go international or date down. Considering the income that you’re bringing in, many women view you as their savior, so unless you’re willing to play that role, you’re going to have to date down. Most women only bring their ability to provide sex to the table. Being that you have way more disposable income than broke bitches, they’re going to throw you the pussy in an attempt to catch you. If you don’t mind dating women with little to anything going for them, then you can smash all the time. However, most females at your level are practicing hypergamy, so they’re holding out for guys with much more than them. By the way, most women below you are practicing it as well. It j…

Women Control My Life

Women are fucking up my life. I just slept with 7 girls in 2 days. As soon as I leave home, all I do is clubbing and hunting. I’m trying to change, but I’m addicted to this life. –zibusiso, Courtesy of UPA (May 08, 2016) (Comment)

You need to sit back and meditate for a minute about the value you’re bringing versus the value you’re receiving. Realistically, doing this—in your situation—should make you feel like a sucker. Women rarely fuck for nothing. Usually, when they fuck a guy, it’s because of his value. Being that this is UPA, I’m going to assume that your presence turns them on. When you’ve embraced the game, it shines through everything you do. So, you don’t have to straight kick game to a female to lace her. She learns by watching how you conduct yourself. This can serve as the stimulus needed to entice her. Therefore, I’m not going to tell you that anything is wrong with fucking many women, and doing so often. However, you must make sure that you’re being benefitted as well. Y…

Breakdown of Poverty Amongst Professors in Academia

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White Supremacist Tactic: Ignore the Obvious, and Push Propaganda

The reason I shared Review Tech USA's above video talking about Bill Cosby was to exemplify my post. For a couple of years, I was a Review Tech USA fan. Examples of this are the fact that I’ve shared his videos in the past. However, after his Bill Cosby video, I lost all respect for him. Since I was a fan of his for years, I’m aware that he doesn’t just listen to what the media tells him. He uses discernment. This is why I highly respected his opinion. However, when the whole Bill Cosby fiasco came about, he immediately threw away his judgment and jumped on the White supremacist bandwagon. He talks in the video of the multiple women coming out with allegations while deliberately ignoring how each has a checkered past. Furthermore, each has multiple discrepancies within her story. Rich deliberately ignored that, however. “Ignorance rarely is beneficial. –TheKing_65” In other words, usually being na├»ve to a situation does more harm than good. However, whenever it’s convenient for me…

Legacy--Solidifying The Group Economics Plan: The Network

In the last post, Legacy--Solidifying The Group Economics Plan, networking was touched upon briefly. I decided to expound upon it. To begin, in the business world, your network is your life’s blood. We live and die by our network. This is why it’s so paramount to build a strong network. Now, specifying this post to be about Melanoid Empowerment—I’m going to speak specifically about us networking.
Now, it’s paramount to form business relationships with other Melanese brothers and sisters for the greater good. Moreover, since there are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, we must view ourselves as though we are all within one circle. We must become a collective of business-practicing Melaneses that refer one another. Furthermore, if someone wants to do business with one of us--and we happen not to have that one product that he/she needs--we need to refer that person to someone within the circle that happens to have the one product that we do not happen to have. Only if that referral, and no …