Pay Off Your Car Note And Mortgage Within 6 Years?

It's been a while, but I'm back, my UPA peoples! I'm going to share a very powerful technique with you on how to buy a house and pay off your mortgage, buy a luxury car (I'm talking $50,000 luxury car) and pay off the car note, all in a matter of 6 years or less! This is only an example. Use different numbers to fit your personal needs (your income, your side hustle monthly income projections, etc.).

"What!? Are you stupid or something?"

Absolutely not! All it takes is an extra $1500 a month. Where are you going to get that from? You should do your best to come up with a side hustle that requires just a fraction of your time while you still have your 9 to 5. This is just starting off, so don't feel sorry if $1,500 a month is all you can make. You're going to see how powerful this technique really is with just an extra $1,500 a month that you don't even need to touch after you've paid your bills and bought the things you currently enjoy.


Tariq Nasheed: When Women Turn Hoish

I got this video from TheMaybach84 channel.
You can listen to all of Tariq’s Mack Lessons Radio shows here. You can also checkout his other sites here.

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Strong Game in Action

I have a friend that has some of the strongest game that I can think of. My friend--due to the job-freeze affecting Black men—has been having a difficult time finding a well-paying job, or any job at all. However, despite this, my friend routinely has quality to top-notch ladies fucking with him. The 1st example of this is his ex; she was a teacher. My homie while working, wasn’t driving, and shawty lived out of state. She’d routinely drive out to his state, scoop him up and take him back to her place, chill with him a few days, and then bring him back. Furthermore, shawty sent him gifts and gave him shit. Now, folks may just be thinking she was desperate. However, she had plenty of guys attempting to get at her that were in far better financial situations. However, my friend filled that hole in her heart that the squares and simps couldn’t fill, so that was well-worth those minor investments. The relationship eventually ran its course, but she got to enjoy the upgrade he brought. Now…

The Abandonment of Church from Young Melanoid Individuals

Let me start off by saying that I am not a Christian or an Atheist. I’m simply spiritual.
It is no secret that in the Black community Church is a staple. However, in recent times, there have been decreasing numbers of Melanese individuals--ages 20 through 30—so much so that it has caused church clergy people to ask the question, “What do we need to do to reach these individuals?” The answer is simple, and they have probably been given the answer before: Address pertinent issues to your targeted demographic.
Churches’ current demographic primarily consist of elders (people in their 60s and above), older adults (people in the age range of 40s through 50s), and children. Young adults--ages 20 to 30--are absent in this demographic. Unfortunately, for the church, this missing demographic is today’s current generation. Furthermore, among this demographic, the number of men that regularly attend church is much fewer than the number of women. So, this also has churches scratching their heads ov…

The Game Favors the Have-Nots

(This post is focused on the dating game.)

The game is universal and favors whoever takes it seriously. However, the most thorough practitioners of this thing of ours are the have-nots. The reason for this is because have-nots are forced to use God’s wisdom (the game) in every endeavor merely to survive and achieve their goals. The haves can mirror the have-not by mind-fucking themselves, thus causing them to take this game as serious as a need, rather than a want. Now, for outsiders looking in, you may be wondering how a have-not can have stronger game than a have. The reason is that the strength of your game is based on your rate-of-return. (A rate of return is the gain or loss on your investment of game into a female over a specified period, expressed as a lifestyle increase based on where she was initially at when she first met you.) If you’re a have-not, with strong game, then your rate-of-return will be exorbitant. If you’re a have with strong game, your rate-of-return still may …

Credit Score: The New Form of Investing

When we think of investing, we think of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. So what do we do? We take our life savings; "gamble" our money away on an investment we think is going to make us some money. We get the investment, and then we lose the money we've been saving for so many years. Our heart is in the right place, but we are going about things the wrong way. I'm going to share the most important investment you can have in your wealth-building arsenal. It's called a perfect FICO score.

The reason a lot of African-Americans can't build wealth is partly racism, and a big part (one part that we can actually prove) is credit. You walk into a bank with a perfect credit score; the bank is going to have to do a lot of explaining if they deny you for a loan. So don't give any bank the ammo to deny you. A good credit score of about 700-850 will let you swing your financial "dick" around like a horse. What I'm going to share with you is …

Black Wealth would take 228 years to catch up with whites

Here's the article that Dr. Boyce Watkins responds to.

You can view more videos from Dr. Boyce Watkins here. By the way, here’s the website Great Black Speakers that Dr. Boyce Watkins mentions in the video—in case you want to become a speaker, or you’re looking for a speaker. Also, feel free to enroll your children into his business academy. Moreover, feel free to enroll yourself into his business academy. Finally, if you’d like Dr. Boyce Watkins to be your personal finance coach, then you can submit to his personal coaching here.

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