Greetings everyone!

I decided to create this blog so that I can express my views and discuss game in the original format using the original wording. (I'll clue you in where words have changed.) Now, you may be thinking that this is just another forum about game, since it’s in the name of the forum, and yes you’re right. However, I’ll discuss game in different aspects beyond just dealing with women since that’s only a small aspect.
The reason I decided to create my own blog is that several blogs and forums discuss game but the game that gets explained to me is simply too basic on most forums until I just can’t stomach them anymore. There are forums and blogs that I’ve been clued into, and each one is thorough in its own right, but I wanted to create my own thing using my own lingo. So, without further ado, welcome, and feel free to look around, and thanks for visiting my blog and I hope that you enjoy yourself while perhaps gaining a new viewpoint and insight.


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