Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Do you want to know why females are not chasing you?

It's because you’re not allowing them to. Most men are too busy chasing women to understand the fact that women love to chase their dreams too. If not more, than men. Many players recite the theory of "being the prize" yet few embrace it. Many players walk past a Bad Broad saying to their brethren "Man! Did you see that?" Few will say, "Did she see me?"

What's the essence of a trophy?

1. Stay Rare and scarce. Allow every competitor to believe they can obtain you through hard work.

2. Stay Polished. In your mannerism, mouthpiece, sleight of hand, and appearance. No one likes Dust.

3. Present yourself only after the season. Not before or During. Only after the game has been played may the winner embrace your essences. You never heard of the Oscars searching for people to attend.

(Extended Version)

1. Staying Scarce and Rare involves managing time and appearances. Managing how often you frequent venues as well as how long you're there. Unless you're actually a part of the organization that owns the venue or that block, limit how often you appear on the scene. Avoid becoming a creature of habit or familiarity. The regulars should know OF YOU but not actually KNOW YOU--even as it pertains to dealing with a female you already have on the team. Avoid going out to her place, having her over, or even seeing her too often. Sometimes just disappear without even giving her a heads up. Let them wonder! Familiarity entices disrespect.

As a matter of fact, avoid being one of the first to a venue or the last to leave. The first people to arrive at a venue or date usually waited up all day, and that venue/date was the highlight of their day; even if it is, your actions should say otherwise. (On dates, if you do show up before your date and they are late, do not be sitting at a fucking table like a duck waiting for her. Do not be standing out front blowing her fucking phone up either. Head to the bar in the spot; have a drink, chop it up with other females and guests).

Being the last to leave a venue is just lame. Only bottom-feeders are in the club when the lights come on. This is the same as always being the first to end the conversation. Learn to leave females in suspense even after good conversations. Sometimes it's just good to put good vibrations in the air, similar to marking your territory. I have a few bars I hit that I never stay there more than thirty minutes. I go in. Order the same drink from the same bartender every time and I'm out. Managing time like this, I can put these bars on a more frequent rotation. Watching for females that are checking and choosing. Promising them attention when they approach like "I really would like to chop it up with you, but I don't have the time today." Sometimes I stack bitches like this in venues and before you know it, they are in competition with each other passively.

2. Polish up your body language and etiquette to your liking. Practice this in the safety of your own home. Use a mirror if you have to. Pick up a public speaking class. Polish up your grammar and vocabulary, and most importantly your voice, pitch, and volume to make sure what you desire to spit comes out crisp, clear, and clean. Your voice and pitch should vibrate relaxation at all times. Regular conversation should lead females to believe you want to fuck or just finished fucking even if you don't or haven't.

Sleight of hand is similar to the work of a magician. Make things appear and disappear before females’ eyes. Fumbling with bras is not allowed. Pull a necklace from behind a bitch ear. Pre-planned spectacles are also a form of sleight of hand and a display of power and pull. Having a closed restaurant reopened for your date. Tipping the hostess at a restaurant with a waiting line discreetly while telling them what you desire to happen and how much you just handed them during that handshake. Now your hour wait at the Cheesecake Factory just turned into "Next table available" building on your mystic in your date’s eyes.

Keeping clothes fresh and tight. (Not skinny jeans tight). This does not require buying new shit if you can't afford it. Dry cleaning is your friend. Making sure your clothes fit your changing physique, and you’re keeping up with the times. You don't have to be trendy, though. However, no bitch wants a dated dude.
3. The most important. Let the game soak. Many dudes try to microwave the game. Moreover, instead of being consistent or persistent, they come off as thirsty and annoying. Checking every thirty seconds to see if his game is working. This is not a display of value in oneself. You are acting like a DOG, which is the inverse of a GOD. You are checking for a prize or a treat after your trick.
As the Trophy, you have to let females win you. They want to win you. Why? Because women are competitive. The first person that shows up to the race isn't the winner, the person that endures the race and Finishes in first place is. Make your race long. Females have to constantly show up and display a desire to benefit the team. As well as hold her position. (It didn't use to be like this, but in these times, it is!) Think about it like this: Beyoncé had the number one video of the year and didn't get shit.

These are just principles you have to add and tailor to your game to fit your style. –HighLife Phi (September 18, 2014)

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