Rise to Power

Alright, I had a conversation with a homie of mine which caused me to come up with this off of the top of the dome. (I don’t know how I did it. :-D ) My homie was telling me that he’d like to invest in properties and put together a reform action with black people in place to finally for the first time allow black people to help each other in a sincere positive way. I told him that there have been a few times when black communities did truly become self-sustaining and efficient. Moreover, due to this, angry racist marched into town and burned, bombed, and killed the citizens and destroyed everything bringing everything back to ruin, so it’s fruitless to continue overtly combating your enemy when it’s far simpler to allow your enemy (not that I’m typing that white people are our enemies, just racist ones are) to perceive you as aligning yourself with their cause. I told him that if the “black community” really wants to get itself together then what needs to happen is a collective joining of economic resources to establish businesses within white communities, mixed communities, and affluent communities.

Furthermore, to generate profit while keeping the heat down, the black community will need to hire the people of these communities to run everything. However, the uplifting part comes from controlling everything that goes on in the inside. Hire people of the communities to run it while maintaining ownership and ensuring that it runs the way we want. By doing this, we gain proceeds without incurring another angry racist group’s wrath like in the past. (Learn from the past, don’t repeat it.) In the past we’ve learned that racists get off on
being superior to us, so let them think they’re superior while allowing them to align our pockets without them even knowing it. Take the money we received from them to buy and attain political and legal power, so we can enforce laws and regulations that benefit us all the while remaining in the veil of secrecy allowing those within the communities we build our businesses to remain in the dark and thus docile. Furthermore, we can take the money we generate and mix it around allowing those participating in this conjoined effort to integrate themselves even further into the white, mixed, and affluent communities supporting our businesses and ideas.

Now you may wonder how this would work. The answer is simple. People are far more likely to accept you if you preach the same ideologies as them, and you look like them; however the people managing our businesses will look like them and preach our ideologies. On the outside looking in people will assume since the ones passing the messages look like them and think like them that they’re passing off their messages even though they aren’t. The people themselves will only think about the present and won’t see the bigger picture.


If you don’t believe me, look at gay rights. It started with gays coming out in the open so they’d quit getting harassed for being gay. Next, they asked to be protected under existing laws which were being violated by those harassing them. Next, they started asking for gay rights and are close to getting them passed. In the
future, they plan to ask school systems to incorporate gay teachings--there are already some all gay schools out now. Moreover, we’re now catching on to this, albeit too late now to stop the gay movement. –Jason Williams (April 2, 2013)

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