The Money (Power) Game

Inflation is the reason that the U.S. dollar is not worth what it used to be. Inflation is the process of The Federal Reserve Bank, which is not part of the U.S., inserting new money into the U.S. economy. It's a hidden tax, cancer to your pockets! You see the U.S., and BIG BOY CORPORATIONS, I'm talking Illuminati type cats, petition the Federal Reserve banks for loans based off of forecasts or perceived needs, and growths of an economy or country the same way you go to local banks and ask for loans. Now the Federal Reserve is the only place that can create money. Everyone else can generate money. Money is currency. Get it?
Currency Generates When the Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing but hope and dreams! Forecasts of what investors believe will come to past. Debt is created. Department is money!!! Pause. "As long as I owe you, you'll never go broke!" People that say having debt is bad are broke, poverty-minded people. Wealthy people have Debt!! They own Debt!!! You sign a lease for two years on an apartment you are in debt to the owner of said property for however much your rent is. Your debt is his Asset/equity. This is some real deep shit and a lot to put into one post because this is why credit scores are so important.
Example: Bank: Do you have any debt?
Me: Yes! Six people owe me!
Bank: What's the likelihood of them paying you back?
Me: Let's check their credit scores!
Bank: Since your debtors have good credit scores, they are likely to pay you back. We can loan you some money because you are likely to be able to pay us back.
Now let's continue.
Once the Feds have created the money and delivered it to the corporations and banks, it is now in circulation. You have cash flow. This type of cash flow is like water filling up a tub. They fill the tub with 100 dollars to the rim of the tub for 100 people sitting in the tub. Everyone has a dollar, or a dollar is in circulation like musical chairs. Now, if I hustle you out of your chair, then now I have two dollars. I'm rich and have more value than you. You can go out and hustle someone else out of their dollar or try to hustle me back out of my dollar. It doesn't matter that there are still only 100 dollars in the tub or circulation. A 1:1 ratio. Now if I come up with a new game, acquire the majority of the money with said game, convince the Federal Reserve that said game will produce more money or expand the bigger game, they will create more money for my cause, again out of hope and dreams that I can pull in what I sold them on. I take this new money and deliver it to you, and you return to the tub/game. Let's say I create an additional 100 dollars just for me. Now, there are 200 dollars in the tub, but I have the majority, even though I have to circulate that money as I promised the Feds I would. The Ratio is now 2:1. Two dollars to every one person. Resulting in the value of that dollar being cut in half. The remaining players in the game that don't have the money or the game to go to the federal reserve can only take from what's already in the tub. "The Hunger Games," I, on the other hand, already possess the majority of the money as well as power because I can buy more tools than anyone else. More tools equal more assets and the more debt, or game, I can sell to the remaining players in the tub, the more I can inflate the cash in the tub, or overfill the tub because I can sell new dreams. People know that there is more money in the tub, and they want it. That new car, a bigger house, etc. They want to keep their position as ALPHA, or RICH. They can't go to the Feds and create new money, so they work with what tools are left in the tub. Gentrification takes place. Hunger Games, arrogant and ignorant people think it’s because of them or people hating on them when really they're just playing the game on a whole different level. Like to remain that fly nigga in school, you had to keep copping new gear right; the fresh Js right when they come out. To haters or lames, you are fucking up their swag because they aren't on that level yet or can't keep up. You’re not thinking about them, you’re doing it to keep up with, or stay above, other niggas with Js, so you get on that Versace! You see Jordan keeps coming out with new Js is inflating the game, because what was fresh last month is no longer fresh today because there are more options. Once you threw Versace in there, it's inflated even more. You must hustle harder to stay that Fly nigga while Jordan and Versace keep inflating the game because you have to keep coming back to them for more swag. The Game Sewed Up. Highlife Phi. It's Sunday send them oblations. –Highlife Phi (August 10, 2013, Courtesy of UPA)

I’ve chatted with a few friends about this but always decided not to post this here because I just didn’t feel like typing this.
To start, a dime from 1942 is worth more than the paper that a dollar bill of today is printed on because today’s dollar bills have no worth because they’re backed by debt. A dime made in 1942 is made of silver, which today’s dimes are no longer made of; they’re made of cheaper metal like steel or something. Also, a penny from 1942 was made from bronze, but now they’re zinc. Typing of dollars being backed by debt, how can a person/entity buy something from you when they already owe you? When you have debt, that means that you owe someone. Would you sell someone something that costs $100 when they already owe you $100? How could they afford to pay for it? They’d have to basically give you an I.O.U. This would increase their debt. So, how does the government keep creating things when we’re already in debt, and everything costs money to make? We’re creating things that cost money by increasing our debt, and we’re creating these things to hopefully lower our debt. Going back to our debt, though, China bought out our debt, which means that China owns us. When Delta Airlines bought out Northwest Airlines debt, they took control of that company and its issues.
China has taken control of America and our issues, and like Delta Airlines, is now experiencing the problems that come with buying someone else’s debt. We’re the most industrialized country in the world. We’re now considered to be the 2nd most powerful country in the world, but we have a country full of worthless money. How did America acquire so much debt? America decided to bail out the companies that were “Too Big to Fail.” When did the country become so dependent upon certain businesses that if they were to fail, it would mean the demise of the country and other countries? Business and politics go hand in hand.

Politics and how they really work

It’s nice to believe that voting for a delegate is the true end all be all, but in reality, it’s only a small portion of politics. I got a more in-depth sight of politics looking at mafia specials. Watching the specials, I saw a pattern. Politicians mostly only concern themselves with who has funded them. Running a campaign is hard work and costs lots of money, so to run campaigns, politicians raise funds (people donate). However, small donations aren’t nearly enough for an aspiring politician to make a serious run for a position, so they have to contact serious lobbyists (people with a lot of money to back them). Serious lobbyists are usually entrepreneurs themselves, and politicians are similar to entrepreneurs, so they understand the whole concept, “I scratch your back, and you scratch mine.” Campaign lobbyists place large sums of money behind politicians with the agreement that if that politician gets in office, the politician will return the favor by enacting policies that benefit his/her lobbyists. (This sounds like a gamble, right?) Now, the truly astute lobbyist understands that there is a chance that the politician won’t win, or even make it down to the finals (the last two politicians going at each other), so he/she waits until the finalists are declared and backs both of them regardless of the party they represent (because the party really doesn’t matter) with the agreement that the politician will enact policies that benefit the lobbyist. By doing this, the lobbyist wins either way because regardless of who wins the position, he/she will owe the lobbyist. Looking at Mafia specials, I saw this was how the mafia did it to ensure their interest and to ensure their reign would continue unfazed.

The breakdown.

Once a person has attained proper finances, it’s a great idea to become a lobbyist so that now the person can begin attaining power while furthering their financial objectives. –TheKing_65 (February 18, 2013)

In the movie “Titanic,” the protagonist of the film is a woman that is from old money that is quickly drying up. She needs to promptly marry a wealthy man to keep her family living in the life of luxury. Old money used to mean people that were descendants of robber barons. These descendants sometimes would become lazy or just weren’t astute enough to continue keeping their families wealthy, and the families would fall by the wayside. These families came into riches in the 18th or 19th century, but most fell off by the start of the 20th century. These families were wealthier than the country of America and more powerful, too, but when they fell off, the country of America continued moving along like nothing happened because the country was still developing.
Now then, the country Prussia used to be one of the most powerful countries at the start of the 20th century but has since faded into nonexistence, so this means even countries can be bought out, taken over, and/or can go out of business. A very astute businessperson would allow a failing company to liquidate everything and buy their assets at a below-market price. Also, they’d buy their business once all of the expenses have been taken care of, and the business can no longer remain; this can be applied to buying countries and/or taken over countries as well. –TheKing_65

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