Thoroughbred Mack/Player

Alright, a thoroughbred mack/player drops game that lasts a lifetime and YIELDS results (anything less is just theories). Furthermore, the women that he allows to get down with him bring 100% cooperation to the table along with their support, and their contributions to the relationships’ cause. He truly understands how to apply the Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde approach while dealing with women and people in general (he understands how to tactfully apply love, compassion along with fear to those that even think of double-crossing him). Furthermore, he treats life like a game of chess and makes tactical moves daily combining to ultimately become checkmates (one big strategic move). He’s thoroughly laced in what he knows, and keeps his ego in check making him mentally untouchable. Once his finances get in order (which soon follows after the mental is in order) then he becomes physically untouchable. A thoroughbred mack/player understands how to take what seemingly looks like a negative situation and turn it into a positive for himself. He’s thorough enough to step to people that seemingly have more (because they may have more in the finances department) and lace them too because of his GAME. Finally, a thoroughbred out here knows the people that matter most (those that know what he doesn’t) and has a strong alliance with them, so he’s never at a loss for long. –Jason Williams (June 12, 2013)

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