Levels of Dependency

There are various levels of dependency but I’ll just type about 3. There’s dependent. Children are dependent upon their parents. If you have a woman that’s dependent upon you then you have to carry her weight along with your own.

Next is interdependent. Successful teams consist of interdependent players; players capable of moving on their own that move in unison for the benefit of the team. When you’re a thorough dude and you’re
lacing your lady or just allowing her to absorb your vibe and adjust herself to the way you’re moving, and she in turn goes out and makes things happen that benefits the relationship’s cause as a whole, she is in turn interdependent and submitting to your cause at the same time (this is happening because she’s moving in the direction that you want her to move in without you holding her hand).

Finally, there’s independent. People that live in cabins in the woods are independent. A woman that is independent in a relat
ionship moves in her own direction rather than in the flow of the relationship, (and the way that you’d like for her to move) and doesn’t submit to your cause (this is why independent women have a difficult time being in a relationship). –TheKing_65 (November 11, 2013)

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