13 Laws of BossMack TopSoil!

What it do Readership! TopSoil is with you once again, A Sagacious Nigga on top of land. It’s a beautiful night, it’s really quiet outside right now, and I love this time of night. A, but on the real, sometimes I sit back and thank the Mack God for the Mack Game, I feel like I was blessed. I love all of my bitches, there is something uniquely beautiful in each one, I know Motherfuckers be hot when I say I love all of my Bitches, bitches be like "How could you say that"! Every Nigga has a little Mack in them; However, Every Nigga can't really be a Mack. Here's a list of critical rules to go by:

0. You Must Be A Man (A Leader)

This is self-explanatory; you must be this and everything that goes with it.

1. Healthy

A Nigga must be healthy to be a Mack; No bitch really wants to fuck with a sick nigga. I also believe you should be in shape. You have a stronger effect on bitches if you are athletic; you know muscles rippling under the skin. Also, good health allows you to think better. Do some type of exercise. I also advise you not to use drugs, all except Weed, and not too much alcohol.

2. Financial Resources - Money

You must have some money, you don't have to be balling, and you just have to have some money. Bitches will help you if you are helping yourself. A Bitch sees you like nice shit, she’s going to get you nice shit, if she's real. You cannot do anything without money. A Man is like a business, you must generate money, and you must have hustle.

3. A Car/Truck and A Home (Transportation and Privacy)

You really cannot be a Mack if you have no Car or Truck, If you do have either of these that’s a start, your vehicle really needs to be new and expensive and flossy (Rims, Tires and Sound System). I don't give a fuck what anyone says to me, your vehicle is an extension of you as a person, like it or fucking not. You can put in some work with just a flossy vehicle; however, certain bitches won't fuck with you because you look like an idiot with a tight vehicle and no Home. You really need your own place by yourself, period dot. An Apartment, Studio, Condo, House or what the fuck ever, as long as you live there by yourself and you have privacy, at all times. Your home has to be clean, especially your bedroom, The Bedroom is your theater to present most of your ideas, Macks sleep in King Size beds because we Kings. Then on top of clean, you really need to have some nice furniture, I fuck with Ikea, and that modern low shit. Your home must smell nice, not like Ass and Feet. Oh yeah, you need Nice Televisions too, with cable.

4. Wardrobe

Skinny Niggas make the best Macks because they wear their clothes the best, look in every fashion magazine for men, and every dude is skinny, not bone showing' skinny but, that no fat skinny. A Nigga must have a nice selection of clothing reflecting current styles whatever they are at that time. However, you must dress with respect to you age and current styles. I believe a Nigga over thirty just can't wear the exact same shit as a dude that’s twenty; it's similar but not the same. I think Jay-Z said some shit about that in some lyrics. He said he was too old to wear jerseys. I guess it's a grown ass man style. If you are wearing sneakers they should be fresh out the box krispy, which goes for any shoe you wear, it should be new.

5. Jewelry

I don't give a fuck what any bitch says, Diamonds make bitches pay attention to you. Most bitches don't have diamonds, so a nigga with diamonds stands out. I say have at least a Diamond ring; a good Mack has at least 3 quality pieces, a Chain with a Pendant, a Watch, or ear-ring. Have some diamonds, don't overdo it, but have some. When your diamonds skink under that low light in that expensive restaurant, when you are explaining shit to that bitch she is listening.

This is your Power Base, These tools provide a great foundation, you can be successful without these, however, you will be greater with these elements. Now with that being said, with these elements you can end up a trick ass nigga with many bitches you trick money off on. Alternatively, you can accumulate many bitches, and they drive you crazy, and fuck you to exhaustion. The Mental Game:

6. Mitt Before Dick

I absolutely never fuck a bitch until she kicks in something first. I will pay for small things in the beginning, like a dinner or whatever, then if a bitch is really feeling me, she will always kick in something, Most of the time it's goods and services, and or money. Bitches bring me shit they think I look good in, Bring me food, whatever they think will make me happy, without me asking. Then I will fuck, I never sweat bitches for pussy, I never ask for pussy. If a bitch does shit for you before you fuck the first time, there is a greater respect; I cannot explain why it works.

7. You Cannot Hold a Bitch with Fucking Skills Only

No matter what, if you have a "Tender Dick" meaning you need to fuck all the time, you cannot be a Mack. Pussy is like the strongest drug in existence, but don't fear, Dick is equal to pussy in that respect. The truth is whosoever controls when sex is going to happen, controls the relationship. If you control when another person has sex, you can control that person's mind, you know like use sex as a reward. Bitches sometimes practice pussy-rationing. I practice dick-rationing; bitches don't get dick on demand. All this being said, you can't control a bitch because you fuck good, and if your nose is open on the pussy, she controls you. Think about it, you fuck the shit out of a bitch because you in shape, then you make her wait two weeks for some more dick. Macks don't get shit from bitches because of fucking; Macks get shit from bitches because they know the right thing to say instantly.

8. Cop and Blow

You pull bitches and lose bitches; that’s it, that’s all. You pull a bitch, and you never know how long you are going to have her. You have to do all you can while you have her. If she wants to leave, you must let her leave. This is the hardest part of the Mack Game. Niggas have great difficulty with this. Some bitches stay with you for years, others months, some weeks and even days. Think about it, even if you get married to a motherfucker, that shit isn't guaranteed. Bitches leave for all types of reasons, shit you may never understand, or the worst thing of all, your bitch is taken from you by another Nigga, what can you do? You must keep stepping! No emotional outburst no violence, I say be happy when a bitch leaves you; just go pull another one.

9. Never Give Bitches Money

This speaks for itself. Gifts and shit are cool, but no Money.

10. Never get friendly and Confide in Bitches

No matter how many bitches you have, never confide in any of your bitches. Especially any weaknesses or information that would compromise your ability to earn money. Your thoughts, for the most part, have to be secret, a bitch will use whatever you give her against you in hostile times, and there will always be hostile times. A real Mack has to be very strong, and confident in his own self. Bitches need to know only certain shit; however, a Mack has to know everything about all of his bitches, especially his Main bitch. You cannot work with a bitch unless you know what makes her tick, you must question a bitch, then question a bitch again and see if she's lying; you can't Mack a bitch in the Dark. You must know if a bitch’s first time having sex was with her dude or her father, or if her mother abandoned her. I mean everything. A true Mack nigga must not mind being Alone; Niggas envy you, Bitches pray secretly for your downfall.

11. Great Plans that include your Bitches (Selling Dreams)

A bitch must see that you are focused and have a goal; a bitch is watching you to make sure you are doing whatever you said you were doing. Your plans must be worthy of respect and intelligently laid out. All people are impressed with great enterprises, and bestow respect based on the outcome of such enterprises. For instance, I involve my bitches in real estate investments, and I make them money, they help me make money, without using my money, feel? If you are a sagacious man, and bitch believes in you, she will give you all of her money. If you don't fuck it off, and you make her money, she will think you are the shit, which you are. A bitch also wants to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Every bitch wants to get married and have her husband take care of her. All of my bitches have a shot at me for that. However, it’s not easy, and thus, I create the competitive scenario. Most bitches leave because most bitches are lazy, but real bitches work hard and know what to do, and take spots from other bitches until they are at the top. I always plan shit with each one of my bitches, continuously, from short term to long term. From Vacations to 20 years from now.

12. Stay Krispy

This goes along with wardrobe, yet it includes Good Hygiene and flawless appearance. White teeth, healthy skin complexion, and being well shaven are a sign of good health, sound mind and body. Smelling good is absolutely priceless, I stay smelling good at all times, bitches know this; when I was A Mack Novice, a bitch told me behind the ears stinks, now behind my ears smells like Dolce & Gabbana. Oh, and TopSoil gets Manicures & Pedicures. Pulling bitches at the nail shop, I be the only Nigga there.

This is just an overview, each one of these issues can be blown up into a full discussion. Read it and think about it, Motherfuckers is lucky I put this out for the public.

This post is dedicated to my girl Mrs. TJ, I appreciate the post, and you having my back yesterday, you are a REAL Bitch. Love goes out to Pare, Danielle, Betty, Stac (You are a real bitch too) I'm coming to Knoxville, Berrygirl, and that High-Strung ass Bytch Spexial (I know you love my bitches with no class) –The BossMack TopSoil (September 7, 2005)

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