Rule Number 1

I’m in a little game dropping mood right now. :-D

Rule Number 1 is don’t listen to women. Women generally give the worst advice when it comes to dating. Women will tell you such and such and turn around and do the exact opposite of what they said. I remember once reading a post by a cat that I respect that had a woman try to advise him. She told him such and such about her ex, so he asked her why she wasn’t still with her ex. She told him, “I don’t know.” :-D  This why I say that the moment a guy starts taking advice from women he’s TRULY lost.

Now that I’ve established Rule Number 1 I’m going to overlap myself. The saying is don’t listen to women (for the aforementioned reasons), however truthfully you have to listen to women if you want to streamline your learning process. (Completely not listening to women will cause you to learn everything the slow and hard way.) The key is to only listen to the right women (and they’re few and far in between). There are many ways to learn women without straight seeking advice. (Simply open them up and they’ll begin telling you their life stories at the drop of a hat.  From this you can simply use discernment to determine what’s valuable information and what’s not.) However, if you choose to seek their advice (which there is nothing wrong with) then choose women with results. The women that actually give good advice are the women living their results. (Theories mean nothing!) The kind of women to listen to are the women that are married (or were happily married) to stand-up men (henpecked suckers don’t count), women in committed long-term relationships (or were in committed long-term relationships). These women give advice that’s golden. You’ll also notice that if you listen to them that they sound distinctly different from most women. Most women’s advice is theories; these women’s advice is straight game which is also why it’s ideal to have some really cool female homies (true homies) that won’t steer you wrong. B-| -TheKing_65 (July 13, 2013)

(By the way, TheKing_65 is another moniker that I sometimes use.)

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