The Darkside Of Game: Mind-Phucking A Bitch's Brain

Have you ever heard the phrase: "A horse is like a female, they can tell when a boy is riding them"? That shit is true. God has blessed females with this immaculate "gift" that can blow the fucking mind of the average cat, (the uninitiated) but a skilled true to the GAME BOSS, uses this "gift" to his advantage and at his leisure. We'll get back to the "gift" later. However, first and foremost, this post is not for the weak at heart (The Simp). If you are weak at heart, I suggest you go to the hospital and get all of your blood drained out and tell the doctor to replace your warm blood with some COLD BLOOD. This post is about mind-phucking a bitch, and you have to be a cold-blooded motherfucker to do this shit. In the film The Mack, the blind cat gave Goldie some golden game when he said: "Anybody can control a bitch's body, but the key is to control her mind." Now in order to control a bitch's mind, you first must know where the bitch is located mentally, and more often than not, the bitch can be located in one place: HER EMOTIONS (the gift).

See most cats try to implement their logic on a female to convince and persuade a female, which is incorrect (to me anyway). The reason it’s incorrect because when you ask a bitch to be logical, what you are really doing is telling the bitch to THINK. You see a true to the GAME BOSS doesn’t want his bitch to THINK, he wants his bitch to EMOTE, and his job (THE BOSS) is TO THINK FOR HER!!!! Yeah, logic does have its place, in your head and not the bitch's.

Back in the early 2000s, fellow Chicagoan and hip-hop artist Twista had a single called: "Emotions” and the hook of the song was: “Let Me Play with Your Emotions", and the bitches loved that shit. Here is a guy who was rapping about what bitches NEEDED AND WANTED on a subconscious level. A bitch has to be on an emotional roller coaster at all times, I mean ALL TIMES. A bitch must feel a plethora of emotions from you on a regular. Emotions such as: Anger, Jealousy, Rejection, Excitement, Fear, Danger, Embarrassment, Humiliation, Happiness, Sadness, and Love.

You see the more you allow a bitch to experience a barrage of emotions, the more the bitch gravitates towards you. Here is a perfect example of a nigga putting his bitch on an emotional roller coaster (mind-phuckery), Jim Jones of the Chrissy and Mr. Jones show.
This nigga be having that bitch's head spinning. One day Chrissy's in love, the next minute she hates him, the next minute she's certain, the next minute she's unsure, the next minute she's surprised, and the next minute she's disappointed and so forth and so on. Also, mind you, the bitch proposed to him, mind-phuckery at its best. Shout out to Jim Jones.

Back in the 80's, TV shows (soap operas) such as: All My Children, General Hospital, Young and The Restless, One Life to Live had a large female following. Why? Because soap operas took the females of America on an emotional roller coaster (mind-phuckery) daily.
Everyday bitches would tune in to get their mind-phuckery fix; that’s why bitches love gossip, because when a bitch hears some juicy gossip that she's never heard, it creates an element of shock and surprise which are emotions. So if a bitch isn't getting her emotional roller coaster fix from her guy, she will most certainly get that shit from her girlfriends via gossip.

Another place bitches seek that wild emotional roller coaster ride (mind-phuckery) is guessed it: THE CHURCH!!!!!!! No one is better at mind-phucking a bitch than the BLACK PREACHER. The Black Preacher makes a bitch feel emotional 1,000 times in a matter of seconds, and they are Bosses at this shit, I got much love for the Black Preacher, I respect Boss Pimping on all levels. However, this is how the Black Preacher sends that bitch on an emotional roller coaster (mind-phuckery). He will say something like this, "Daughter, you don’t have any business going to a club on Saturday night and you hopping your dick-sucking ass in the choir on Sunday morning, singing God's praises with the same mouth you sucked that dick with." The emotion in that example was (guilt). Then he may say: "God may not come when we want him, but when he comes he's always on time." The emotion in that example was (hope). Alternatively, he may say: "How many of you need a blessing?" The emotion in that example was (Excitement). Much love to the Black Preachers I feel your Game.

Mind-phuckery on a bitch takes skill. The uninitiated mother fucker may look at this concept as "being an asshole" or being mean. That's why I said in the beginning of this post that you got to be a COLD-BLOODED/COLD-HEARTED cat with some steel in your balls to do this shit. To the majority of motherfuckers, this post is like a 2-year-old (SIMPS, LAMES, SQUARES) who sees a balloon (GAME) drift to the ceiling, but he (SIMPS, LAMES, SQUARES) can’t grasp it because the balloon (GAME) is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over his head. –Beasley Gatez (October 27, 2012) Courtesy of UPA

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