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Learning from the Sidelines

I started my game education on the sidelines learning by observing the mistakes others make. By doing this, I learned to analyze where they went wrong so that I could create a solution to change the outcome for myself. Thanks to this and some coaching from my older brother, I was able to start out pretty knowledgeable about the dating game; this also allowed me to become thorough really quickly.
Now, I’ve been on hiatus in the dating game for some years because I’m focused on laying my foundation for my next big move. I still engage in the dating game from time to time, but right now I’m fairly inactive. Due to me being inactive though, I’ve gone back to learning from the sidelines again. This time around I’m doing the coaching. This coaching has allowed me to upgrade my game to exponential levels. Being inactive has allowed me to look back at my past to figure out what I did right and what I did wrong so that I can perfect my craft. I’ve used friends that are active in the field to so…

Broads turning to “Lesbianism”

Broads are running to lesbianism because they’re confused. Many of these broads have been ran through and learned to attain menial things due to having a vagina. Because of this, many of these women have lost respect for men, but still love men and our masculine presence. Men and women have very different presences about themselves. Many of these women turned to studs to fulfill this masculine presence they seek, but studs can only provide caricature ideas of masculinity. The other women turn to women to give them a try. These women become desperate male attention seekers because these “lesbians” are only experimenting. Once a masculine man that won’t be controlled by her vagina comes along these “lesbians” go right back to penis. –Jason Williams (February 28, 2013)

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James Baldwin and Dick Gregory "Baldwin's Nigger" 1969 (FULL)

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Being Extra Confident

As men we have to be extra confident (almost conceited) because we don’t get the luxury of having people around constantly boosting our egos, so never allow someone to (even playfully) humble you when you point out your good qualities. –Derrick Mills (December 25, 2012)

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God, The Game, and Action

Now, this post isn’t to convert anyone or anything like that; these are just my beliefs.
To me, the game is God’s divine wisdom bestowed upon humanity. The game gives us the ability to see beyond what’s there, hear beyond what’s being said, and strategically act in a purposeful manner towards achieving our objectives.
This is why I hold the game up so high after my worship of God.
In order to get the most out of the game you have to believe in the divinity of the game as though it’s your religion; only then will you receive the most that the game has to offer.

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The Game is a Good for Us All

Many women believe that the game is a tool that men learn and utilize to thwart women from being users of men, and although it does cause us to become cognizant so that we can thwart the efforts of would-be users of men, the game isn’t just for that. The game helps both genders build each other up to the next plateau.
I’ll use myself for an example. While I was overseas in Asia I was heavily in the life, and I don’t mean this in street terms but rather living the life that having game allows. In Asia, especially the part I was in, being a Black man was a rarity. Actually, being Non-Asian was a rarity. This helped raise my value exponentially and I took full advantage of this along with my level of game. Because of this I had very attractive women often, and I had them do what’s necessary to apiece me. Because of my rarity and how thorough I am, I often had women tell me that they felt like they didn’t deserve me. (Just like insecure guys place a certain value on themselves, so do women…

The ISM Kicked In

I was assisting a friend of mine with a lady he conversed with months ago. The woman is very attractive and is a business owner but isn’t bringing anything to the table. She’s used to her love and her intangibles being enough to satisfy her men. Unfortunately for her, the guy that she’s dealing with, my friend, is a mack, so this means that she’ll have to bring tangibles to the table. Due to this, she decided to fall back on him and do her own thing. He allowed her and sent her off with parting words. However, yesterday everything culminated like it usually does. The ISM kicked in and she could no longer resist his charm. She reached out and messaged him while being intoxicated. Now, some of you reading this may be thinking that she was just drunk emoting, however when people become intoxicated they become less inhibited thus causing them to become more honest, so her drunken messages to him were how she really feels. Since he’s kept me abreast of the situation, I’m aware that she sai…

Powerless White Supremacists

Around Halloween a lot of White supremacists wore Black Face and their sympathizers defended their right to do it. Now, anyone daring enough to wear that knows that Black Face derives from minstrel shows which were made to dehumanize Black people as nothing more than clowns, so defending this makes you a White supremacist sympathizer. Now, America is a very racist country and was built on the backs of slaves which America won’t give credit to because their names aren’t on the patents, but you can watch Hidden Colors 2 for information about this. However, White supremacists that actually dress in Black Face aren’t a major threat because they’re powerless. Any White person that has the gall to publicly showcase their disdain for
Black people in this fashion is powerless because they automatically get negative feedback from society for this, although mainstream society won’t call this racist (and by mainstream society I mean closet White supremacists themselves). Powerful White supremacis…

Game Foresight

Today I was at the grocery store when I spotted this fine ass woman with her mother. The woman was older; I could tell that she was in her 40s. Her mother looked to be in her 70s. Both were dressed like they’d just left somewhere fancy. I was dressed down. I was wearing a t-shirt and some swimming trunks with some old K-Swiss shoes that I call my dust busters. :-D I walked up to shawty and complimented her on the suit. I inquired had she just left somewhere fancy. She told me that she had. Her and her mother had just left her nephew’s induction ceremony into the Honor’s Society at his high school. I gave shawty props for her nephew. She told me that he’s smart just like his aunt (meaning her). She'd been inducted into Honor's Society when she was in high school too. I gave her props too. (She was fishing for compliments for herself with that one, but also she was qualifying herself.) Her mother chimed in and added that education is very important and can take you far. I concur…

Avoid Getting Advice from These Three Types of People

It's Cuffing Season.

The Game applies to all aspects of life, but this is a topic focused on Women. It's cuff season right now. I was building with a few of my boys earlier tonight. I know a few players on here are either cuffed already, have a starting 5, or may still be on the hunt for meat lol.

Please avoid these types of people when receiving help on your game. They are most likely going to be starving this winter. You don't want to be one of these three. My research stems from people I've observed in real life and on the UPA forums.

1. Mr. "Half-Assed"
This is the type of cat who constantly denies the fundamentals of the game and will only obey them if they are convenient. This type of brother always has an excuse for everything and always tries to find a loophole in the game. Although there are exceptions to some rules, this guy will find an exception for every rule. 
MACK: A Mack must demand respect at all times; a mack must not let any form of disresp…

Valentine's Day - How to Handle Your Seduction

Ah, Valentine’s Day - The Bane of Every Male’s Existence.

What a racket, huh?

It’s not as bad as that trumped up bullcrap “holiday," Sweetest Day, but it’s still a real catch-22 for a lot of men.

And by the way – over at the Modern Male Lifestyle, we don’t recognize Sweetest Day. If the bank is open – it’s not a holiday. I personally get more action on so-called Sweetest Day by blowing it off than when I ever got sucked into that trap.

But Valentine’s Day. That’s a tough one. What’s a self-respecting brother to do? Before I let you in on some good ideas, I have to tell you a couple stories. How many of you have ever been in a situation where a woman complains that you aren’t romantic enough? Worse yet – has she ever bitched about not getting flowers? Well, if you haven’t – consider yourself lucky. Because I have. I’ve been in both those situations. And more times than I care to admit. And there’s not a whole lot you can do about getting into that situation in the first place – becaus…

The Real Nancy Botwin From 'Weeds'

You can view more videos from VICE here

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Corporatocracy is a word that was created by the author of the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit-man”. He was an economic hit-man. An economic hit-man is a bogus financial analyst that goes into countries on behalf of conglomerates to give inflated returns of what they can produce with intentions of bankrupting that country so that conglomerates can take over that country. Countries such as Panama and several others have experienced this. Economic hit-man isn’t the listed title though; it’s financial analyst. Corporatocracy is the process of the taking over the country.
Jackals are hit-men (usually special forces) sent to countries to assassinate their leadership if they don’t accept the bogus financial readings they’re being handed.
If the jackals fail then the military is sent and war is declared. Once either the jackals or the military succeeds then corporatocracy begins.
Years ago "Too Big to Fail" companies failed and the United States went into extreme debt bailing the…

When ABC Met the Manosphere… and Me

Most everyone in the manosphere was surprised by ABC’s sudden hit piece on us the other day, paired with a 20/20 episode that will air tonight. You’ll notice that I haven’t been commenting on it like other folks. There’s a reason for this.

I was one of the interview subjects for the 20/20 story.

Now before you say anything else, I won’t be appearing on camera. The most I ever did with ABC was a half-hour “pre-interview” over the phone. I don’t know if 20/20 will use any of my comments there, but it’s a possibility. I’m glad I didn’t agree to a TV interview, considering that the way that ABC treated me shows that not only are they a morally bankrupt and unethical institution, they’re unfathomably stupid too. I don’t mean stupid as in “blue pill/feminist stupid,” I mean stupid as in “how in God’s name did you even graduate from college” stupid.

The kind of stupid that can only exist in an entity as sclerotic and degenerate as the mainstream media.

A bunch of other folks in the ‘sphere h…

A STRONG WOMAN: "Really? Then Tell Me Just How Much Weight Can She Lift or Carry"

NEVER PRAISE a female and CALL HER STRONG for what she is supposed to be doing as a RESPONSIBLE ADULT because that is not to be considered special.
Females that use that word strong are DELUSIONAL unless they are lifting heavy objects. Don't buy into that BULLSHIT because what they call being strong THAT THEY TYPICALLY DON'T DO WITH YOU, is nothing special because all of those things are what RESPONSIBLE and MATURE adults are supposed to do.
Those are just INCOMPLETE feel good statements for the female's benefit. Allow me to COMPLETE those statements with the OMITTED portions in parentheses.
1. A strong woman is the lifeline of her family (because she got knocked up by a deadbeat or two or three and she has no other options since he or they left her and a SMART MAN is not going to ruin his tranquility, financial stability and comfort by taking her and THE OTHER MAN'S child or children into his life).
2. She carries within her the power to endure pain (but she won't as …

Is There Racism In Sports?

It has often been declared that the sporting world is one of the society’s truest forms of meritocracies that exist. It is perceived by many that sports provide people of all backgrounds, and life experiences, a level playing field; that all social constructs such as religion, educational level, or personal ideology are dismissed once the participating athletes step foot into the arena of their prospective sports. In an ideal scenario, this particular school of thought would be valid. However, it is only necessary to deal with real life.
Sports, just like any other institution or area of society, has been inundated with more than its fair share of discrimination and negative perceptions held by many members of the dominant American society. Perhaps the most well-documented example of racism in sports has to be Jackie Robinson’s groundbreaking foray into the ranks of Major League Baseball after playing in the Negro Leagues before that. Another notable instance of racial overtones in spo…

The Rap Game Back in the Day and Now

With all of the flack artists (and I use this word lightly) get for going mainstream thus signing 360 deals does anyone remember how artists used to gain a crowd base? Artists use to pass their works off to radio to play them (along with selling their stuff in the trunks of their cars and everywhere else). The radio host would play the songs and listeners to the stations would vote on rather or not it would remain in radio rotation. You got your name out, built your fan base, and this helped you sell albums; also you retained the bulk of your profits by doing this. This is thinking like an entrepreneur. Along the way though these artists got lazy and began accepting loans from studio companies to front all of their groundwork in return for getting paid back. The studio companies put up the money for the works they wanted in rotation thus getting garbage pushed upon us. It started slowly by the companies pushing garbage and paying stations to play it constantly.
Afterwards rinse and re…