A STRONG WOMAN: "Really? Then Tell Me Just How Much Weight Can She Lift or Carry"

NEVER PRAISE a female and CALL HER STRONG for what she is supposed to be doing as a RESPONSIBLE ADULT because that is not to be considered special.
Females that use that word strong are DELUSIONAL unless they are lifting heavy objects. Don't buy into that BULLSHIT because what they call being strong THAT THEY TYPICALLY DON'T DO WITH YOU, is nothing special because all of those things are what RESPONSIBLE and MATURE adults are supposed to do.
Those are just INCOMPLETE feel good statements for the female's benefit. Allow me to COMPLETE those statements with the OMITTED portions in parentheses.
1. A strong woman is the lifeline of her family (because she got knocked up by a deadbeat or two or three and she has no other options since he or they left her and a SMART MAN is not going to ruin his tranquility, financial stability and comfort by taking her and THE OTHER MAN'S child or children into his life).
2. She carries within her the power to endure pain (but she won't as long as there is a man to place that pain upon) and the courage to sacrifice (if she can't find a man that will surrender what he has in order for her to not sacrifice).
3. She has the power (and control) to create and nurture life (and will use that power to create life when she chooses to without your consent).
4. She is indeed the epitome of love (for the right price) and sacrifice (for no one but herself).

Anytime you hear one of them talk about how STRONG they are, ask them how much can they bench press. –Jai Duval (October 19, 2014)

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