Avoid Getting Advice from These Three Types of People

It's Cuffing Season.

The Game applies to all aspects of life, but this is a topic focused on Women. It's cuff season right now. I was building with a few of my boys earlier tonight. I know a few players on here are either cuffed already, have a starting 5, or may still be on the hunt for meat lol.

Please avoid these types of people when receiving help on your game. They are most likely going to be starving this winter. You don't want to be one of these three. My research stems from people I've observed in real life and on the UPA forums.

1. Mr. "Half-Assed"
This is the type of cat who constantly denies the fundamentals of the game and will only obey them if they are convenient. This type of brother always has an excuse for everything and always tries to find a loophole in the game. Although there are exceptions to some rules, this guy will find an exception for every rule. 
MACK: A Mack must demand respect at all times; a mack must not let any form of disrespect go unchecked.
Mr. Half-Assed: "Yeah my female be saying some low key disrespectful shit on the low, she be playing, though; I know she's playing."
MACK: Value Your Time as a Man
Mr. Half-Assed: "I've been dealing with this chick for months, she keeps playing around, but I’m feeling closer and closer to hitting it; I just know it!"

Success Rate with Women = 50%
These brothers do everything half-assed so they will get half-assed results. They might get lucky but don't even know how they got lucky. The sad thing about these guys is they know what's hurting them, but they're in denial. This is the Average Square. Don't take advice from this guy.

2. Mr. Metaphysical
These are the type of cats who always have to go too deep when it's unnecessary. This brother is always overanalyzing the game. Don't get me wrong, ain't nothing wrong with Metaphysics, but sometimes it's not that deep. I've met a lot of these guys in person and they have very little to NO GAME with women. These guys are also famous for talking it but not living it.

Square: I had this chick over the house last night, but didn't hit, she was letting me massage and feel all over her too, but nothing went down. What happened?
Mr. Metaphysical: My brother, you invited her over at the wrong time; you should've waited until it was a full moon and your inner chi was at its highest point.
MACK: You should've just started playing with the pussy.

Success with Women = 30%
Sometimes it's best to keep things simple. Live in the present moment. These dudes are in such deep thought, they miss shit happening right in front of them. If it's not metaphysics, stay away from these cats.

3. Mr. Bookworm
These are the types of cats who do everything WORD FOR WORD by the books. These types of dudes most likely have been scarred mentally from past experiences and are looking for a fresh start. These types of dudes rarely experience the different levels of the game and remain at the basic levels for long periods of time.

Square: I'm working at McDonalds this summer and there's this nice chick choosing, should I hit it?!
Mr. Bookworm: NO! NO! NO! Tariq said no banging women on the job!
Square: I'm at the bar with this female, we've been vibing all night and have good convo; I bought myself a drink and offered her a drink. 
Mr. Bookworm: NO! NO! NO! Tariq said don't buy women drinks at the bar!!!!!

Success with Women = 20%
Now, you might think that this cat that’s following the book word from word would have a higher success rate with women, but truth be told, these types of cats had other problems before they picked up a book about the game (I.E. low self-esteem, insecure, fear of quality women, and etc.). This stops most of these guys from even applying the game in the self-help books. Another thing is that this type of dude is scared of failure; he's already mentally scarred so making any more mistakes after reading up on game is fatal to him. He wouldn't dare take a risk that could either propel him to a higher level of game or cause an error. If he doesn't have his game booklet on him, he's lost, unsure of himself. Stay away from these dudes. -Tical (November 19, 2014) Courtesy of UPA

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