Learning from the Sidelines

I started my game education on the sidelines learning by observing the mistakes others make. By doing this, I learned to analyze where they went wrong so that I could create a solution to change the outcome for myself. Thanks to this and some coaching from my older brother, I was able to start out pretty knowledgeable about the dating game; this also allowed me to become thorough really quickly.
Now, I’ve been on hiatus in the dating game for some years because I’m focused on laying my foundation for my next big move. I still engage in the dating game from time to time, but right now I’m fairly inactive. Due to me being inactive though, I’ve gone back to learning from the sidelines again. This time around I’m doing the coaching. This coaching has allowed me to upgrade my game to exponential levels. Being inactive has allowed me to look back at my past to figure out what I did right and what I did wrong so that I can perfect my craft. I’ve used friends that are active in the field to soak up what’s going on, so that I can stay abreast.
(As for my hiatus, in case you’re wondering, it was partly self-induced and partly society-induced.)
Now, in case anyone is wondering what does it mean to go on hiatus in the game, it means to step back and focus on other things while casually participating in your craft (i.e. dating game in this particular example). While you’re on hiatus though you allow yourself the opportunity to soak up loads of game because you aren’t emotionally invested in what’s going on, so you’re able to observe with a clear head and apathetic heart.

Further illustration.

To further illustrate my point, when you watch television and you’re watching a game, the game shows several different camera angles, so you’re able to see everything. Now, sometimes you may get upset at a player for not making a specific pass to someone open because you clearly see the person is open; this is because you’re viewing the game from a 3rd person perspective. The player is seeing everything from a 1st person perspective and has individuals blocking his/her vision, so certain things aren’t within his/her periphery. This is the same as observing the game from the sidelines. You can advise others more thoroughly because you’re not emotionally or physically involved, so you’re able to keep a clear head and peep things for what they really are; by soaking up your sideline experience you’re able to apply it to your own benefit once you step back on the court.


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