Powerless White Supremacists

Around Halloween a lot of White supremacists wore Black Face and their sympathizers defended their right to do it. Now, anyone daring enough to wear that knows that Black Face derives from minstrel shows which were made to dehumanize Black people as nothing more than clowns, so defending this makes you a White supremacist sympathizer. Now, America is a very racist country and was built on the backs of slaves which America won’t give credit to because their names aren’t on the patents, but you can watch Hidden Colors 2 for information about this. However, White supremacists that actually dress in Black Face aren’t a major threat because they’re powerless. Any White person that has the gall to publicly showcase their disdain for
Black people in this fashion is powerless because they automatically get negative feedback from society for this, although mainstream society won’t call this racist (and by mainstream society I mean closet White supremacists themselves). Powerful White supremacists are caught in a conundrum; they want to bear their hate for the world to see, but they have an image of respectability to protect which is why they use coded language like urban and ghetto. These are our real threat and who Black folks should focus on. These are the people that put laws such as Stop and Frisk into effect, and attempt to add Street Harassment to the equation; all of these laws are used as tools of racism to imprison aboriginal people. Arguing with powerless White supremacists is equal to arguing with internet trolls; they do a lot of flamboyant things via internet but to your face wouldn’t crush a grape. If Black folks focus intensely on gathering their economy then they can easily kill 2 birds with one stone. Get an economy together so Black folks have political protection. Encompass police and restructure them for physical protection, and saturate the area with Black-owned businesses for economical protection. Watch how few people will then be bold enough to come out posting 
photos of themselves, and worse their children, dressed in Black Face if they realize tomorrow they’ll be unemployed, therefore unable to continue paying their mortgages or rent, and they aren’t going to be able to find anyone within the city and/or state that will hire them due to their own stupid actions. Severe consequences breed submission and adherence into White supremacists. (Check and see if Mel Gibson will ever fly off of the handle like he did again. Jewish people dealt him his punishment. Also, peep how the article only mentions his Anti-Semitic comments; there isn’t mention of his Anti-African American comments because we didn’t deal him any consequences. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/why-mel-gibson-wont-finance-716811 -Derrick Mills (November 7, 2014)

You can pick up Hidden Colors 2 here.)

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