The Rap Game Back in the Day and Now

With all of the flack artists (and I use this word lightly) get for going mainstream thus signing 360 deals does anyone remember how artists used to gain a crowd base? Artists use to pass their works off to radio to play them (along with selling their stuff in the trunks of their cars and everywhere else). The radio host would play the songs and listeners to the stations would vote on rather or not it would remain in radio rotation. You got your name out, built your fan base, and this helped you sell albums; also you retained the bulk of your profits by doing this. This is thinking like an entrepreneur. Along the way though these artists got lazy and began accepting loans from studio companies to front all of their groundwork in return for getting paid back. The studio companies put up the money for the works they wanted in rotation thus getting garbage pushed upon us. It started slowly by the companies pushing garbage and paying stations to play it constantly.
Afterwards rinse and repeat went into action until the standard became garbage. This is why we have so much garbage out now. This is what happens when you don’t think strategically and use shortsighted judgment. – Derrick Mills (June 16, 2014)

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