Don’t be a 2nd Round Draft Pick

1 of the most important things that a man must remember is to value himself above all. Thus, you don’t allow yourself to receive 2nd class treatment. When a broad chooses you, you come 1st. You don’t allow yourself to be her rebound because no one else wanted her. If her options are running low and she comes to you for rescuing, then she’s out of luck.
Now, how do you know when you’re the second-round draft pick? You know from the way you’re being treated. If she's antagonistic, condescending, and/or treating you less than, then you’re the 2nd round draft pick, so you need to drop her ass immediately. To prevent even allowing yourself to be treated and/or viewed this way you start off by putting your foot down from the beginning, ensuring that she knows she got the lottery pick, so she should feel privileged. Treat yourself as though you’re the shit if you want others to do the same; accept being treated like shit and you’ll forever be the 2nd round draft pick.

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