People that say that they don’t need Game

Today I had a conversation with someone that eventually made its way to the game. The conversation stemmed from us discussing a lady at our church. I told him that despite her being with her date, she was still choosing up heavy with her eyes. I told the guy that I was conversing with that the lady’s date doesn’t have her locked. The guy I was conversing with told me that the guy may not be hitting it right or eating it right or a lot of things. I told him that you don’t lock a female with your dick; you lock her with your game. You fuck her mind and her body will follow. The guy told me that isn’t true because he’s managed to lock females with his dick. He told me that he didn’t do anything and they still gave him some pussy and took care of him. He doesn’t believe the game is necessary because it requires work and this takes energy; his way doesn’t take any energy at all. Right now he has a lady that he lives with that takes care of him. He used this as proof of what he was saying.

The breakdown.

What he said sounds good, and to the unindoctrinated, may seem like a great way of doing things, but it doesn’t work. The female that he claimed he locked with his dick and nothing else he broke up with. When they broke up she wanted nothing else to do with him after he didn’t return her messages. He hit a bad time because he lived with her and needed her to live comfortably, so when she got over the breakup their dynamic was no longer the same. He became homeless and needed her to give him a spot to stay. She let him for a day and while he was there even her daughter, whom he once had a great relationship with, disrespected him. The woman disrespected him as well. He struggled for a bit while being on his own until he met his current woman. Whenever we go to the gym he has to ask her for permission to go. When she’s upset at him he can’t leave the house. He’s basically a kept man.
In our conversation he asked what’s the need for having game when he doesn’t do anything and he gets the benefit of women throwing themselves at him for sex and women taking care of him. I told him that if he doesn’t understand the necessity for game then me explaining it to him wouldn’t make sense to him. All I told him was it changes the dynamic of things. His justification for the woman treating him so badly after the breakup was because of her pride. He said they had a nasty breakup. The way their breakup went down is they had an argument and he left and didn’t hit her up for a few days. She sweated him the 1st day. By the 2nd day she stopped. He reached back out on the 3rd day because he now needed her and she didn’t want to help him. This is what I mean by dynamic. When you have the game on your side you won't allow yourself to become a kept man because you’ll flip the dynamic so that the woman understands the value you bring and puts you in the authoritative position rather than herself. When you have the game on your side, women break bread without thinking, or quickly learning, that their money doesn’t control you. Basically, you don’t become dependent upon them. Finally, when you have the game on your side you can actually go back to past women and get back with them if you want, although you shouldn’t because you charged them for a reason. The reasoning behind this is because you stood behind principles and codes that made her respect you and made her value you. By the way, I’ve been witness to everything I’ve typed.
The game has long term effects. Standing for nothing and being gameless is short term. It may take more energy on the front end to develop game and then enhance it but it’s far less painful than not developing game and getting burned and suffering the consequences of the unindoctrinated.


For anyone thinking that you can fuck a bitch well enough to get her off solely with your stroke game, think again. A woman can push a baby out of her vagina, so there’s no way that your dick could ever hope to be big enough to totally get her off. You’re going to have to stimulate her and this comes from fucking her mind first before fucking her body. Slow dudes like the guy I described think otherwise and you’ve read the consequences he dealt with and the situation he’s in.

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