Staying Grounded

The below post is a spin on Beasley Gatez’ post “The Darkside of Mindphucking a Bitch”. I typed about mindfucking yourself on my page; this keeps you grounded and your game airtight so a bitch won’t come along and burst you open.
I'll leave you all with this; this one is for the fellas to take notes on.
I don't care how many times a female tells me the cootapuff is mine, even if she's down & putting in work. I know that bleeding once a month hole between her legs will never be mine. I have had many tell me it was, but I ain't still with them, & never have I believed such a fairy tale. 
Women will get mad when you tell them. What's there to get mad over? I know you can get dick anytime you want. I am not special. I don't think for one single solitary second that the pussy is on reserve just for me, & you shouldn't either. 
They can get upset, but that just means she can't ever pull the wool over your eyes. 
They're going to do whatever they want with their bodies, even if you're against it. 
Granted no man ever wants his woman fucking another man, but in today's society that shit just isn't possible to assume they're not, down for the team or not. 
She can say what we got is special and all that jive talk, but I ain't special, and that keeps my eyes open and my game tight, you can love shawty for what she's shown you.
Women will get upset. Some of you will have love for your woman for what she's done for you. However, do not blindly fall in love on that romance shit you dig? 
Some women will come up here and tell me that I've been hurt because I'm being so cold, but the translation is I'm not open to manipulation. 
This keeps me on my toes so that I won’t be susceptible to an episode like the shit between Ice T and CoCo. -Stop Simping Movement (January 21, 2013)

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