Thorough Brothers are a Rarity Amongst Society

(Since this video got taken down off of YouTube, you can also listen to the podcast here.)

This is a very tight podcast. What I especially like about this podcast is when Flex talks about how he presents himself to the mainstream; he’s always dressed up and articulating himself very well so a lot of these White folks don’t know how to deal with him and/or handle him because a lot of them aren’t used to thorough brothers that can articulate themselves that aren’t house niggers. Furthermore, the vibe he gives off causes the women around to immediately choose up simply because of how thorough he comes off. The White guys that aren’t completely on that supremacy shit are even drawn to him.

I typed this because I be witnessing and experiencing the same thing at work. There are very few guys at my job and extremely few Black guys at my job but most of the ones there aren’t on some coon shit and handle themselves with dignity, grace, and precision. This causes all of the women there to be choosing up on us. However, the idea and notion of Black guys that carry themselves with the same level of confidence and require the same level of cooperation and respect as their White counterparts is foreign to most women (including Black women) in America. Some of these White women have attempted to converse and even flirt with me but haven’t learned to leave the subtle disrespect at the door. Once I disengage from them they look dumbfounded and observe those that I do engage with. Also, some of the Black women have attempted to do that high school flirting shit where they disrespect you in a playful manner but I ignore their asses until they realize that I don’t find that shit appeasing. Also, I recalled when I first got to the floor that the White folks wanted me to be on some shucking and jiving, skinning and grinning kind of shit which I played past without ever doing it thanks to my game. I also don’t see other brothers doing it either. This alone also has raised the level of admiration of the women at my job for us amongst our female cohorts.

In short, what I’m basically typing is that it’s obvious that most of society considers us, and even Black women, consider thorough brothers to be such a rarity that when we’re encountered they initially don’t know how to engage us because we present an image that the media tries to hide, and the reason that I like the podcast is because Tariq showcases something that mainstream society isn’t aware of. All of us must do the same until it becomes normal for us to be treated with the same dignity and respect afforded anyone else; once we do that we’ll see the cooperation and community building often typed/talked about that we desire.

1 last thing that I want to add. I believe that what I described me witnessing is why the media tries to downplay us so much; it’s because our desirability is on another level. –TheKing_65 (November 24, 2013)

I'm really amazed at how wack most white guys actually are.

Most of the white guys I know are miserable; either because their wives rule their lives or their wives cleaned them out in divorce court. I even know my boss who married an Asian woman (we believe she was a mail-order bride) and she got the dude to do the hyphenated last name thing. We laugh about this shit all the time. A lot of niggas who live in the hood, or don't really hang with white folks, would realize how weak most of these dudes actually are if they simply spent a night out with them; it isn’t pretty. Sometimes you kind of wish they were a gangster, just so you could feel like they were worthy opponents of hating. And I lived around these upper middle class white folks for almost seven years. There was one drug bust a couple years ago for some cocaine in the area, and I remember hearing how when the boys were being put in the police car, all them niggas were crying. They all got out though; small town boys get light sentences, since everyone knows everyone and people do favors all the time.

They mostly live to drink; their whole lives rotate around drinking (this is in Boston, I don't know about it being the same elsewhere). It's depressing to live in those rich white neighborhoods, the fucked up shit that be going on is insane. I remember my first year there hearing about some new girl's mother handing out free dildos to all the girls who showed to her daughters sweet 16, because her daughter wanted to make friends. She probably smashed one or a couple of the underage boys at the party as well. That's another thing; underage fucking happens a lot more in those white suburbs, than people would be comfortable hearing about; it's just never in the news or on Maury.

I remember reading Tragedy and Hope and Carol Quigley talking about how feminism and technology were used to undermine the father in the household and this has created a generation of mothers and daughters who have no respect for men, since they resent the fact that their mothers are always getting their way or threatening to destroy the entire family by filing for divorce. Mothers and daughters he proclaimed were and would continue to be constantly in battle for power over the men in their lives, like I talked about with Hyenas, and this all had to do with well-to-do middle class white folks. I think the same thing has happened with black folks, it's just black men have been more resilient in rebelling against it (even though a lot of things we've come up with aren't as beneficial as one would like) but we have a lot less money to hide the effects of it. –Wizdom, Courtesy of UPA (November 24, 2013)

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