Metaphysics of the Game Part 1

Alright, 1st to begin, metaphysics is the study of energy within the human body and how it relates to the world around us. This goes into the sixth sense and the third eye and third ear chakras that I have displayed from time to time on my blog. We all give off energy and this energy manifests from the mental thoughts that encompass our thinking. Our mental thoughts determine the vibe that we give off to others; it determines rather or not we give off a friendly vibe (positive energy) or a scary vibe (negative energy), a social vibe or an antisocial vibe, and rather we have high self-esteem, or we have low self-esteem. The power of positive and/or negative thinking weighs heavily on the actions that we take, and thus the results derived from our actions. This is why many business owners have read the book Think and Grow Rich; a mindset of wealth, complete with effective actions to obtain such wealth, begets wealth.

When a man values himself as such of him being a prize, then the women that he allows within his inner circle will have to value him too, or remove themselves from him. His valuing of himself will cause the man to treat himself as a high priority, thus taking care of himself correctly, which in turn will make him attractive to females. This is why confidence (positive energy) is such a turn on for women. This confidence is more than just thinking positively of oneself; it involves taking actions such as proper grooming, bathing, and polishing small details to make certain that he indeed presents himself the way he feels about himself. Even on off-days, that inner confidence will still blossom; this is why the game must be in you and not just on you.
Now, in order to manifest the internal confidence (positive energy) needed in order to exemplify the way you feel about yourself to the world, you can simply look within yourself at your achievements and let those achievements be your guiding light to finding inner confidence. Once you realize and acknowledge the value you bring, it is easy to be confident and emit positive energy. Once you realize the value you bring, simply cast aside those that try to diminish your guiding light by bringing negative energy around you. Also, as you progress through life, and you continue to accomplish more things, it will make it easier for you to aspire more from the world around you.

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