The Upgrade

The upgrade never ensures the bitch’s loyalty to you; all the upgrade really does is brings her to a suitable level of value and cooperation for YOU. The upgrade is not really for her; it’s for you. When a dude steps to a woman and he sees she may be a few levels below what he usually is accustomed to (mentally, physically, etc.), but he sees the potential in her to be on the team he can upgrade her. 

If she gets the upgrade and decides she is now above dealing with you, then she wasn’t what you needed on the team anyway. Once a woman shows you her treacherous side it’s incumbent on you to release that bitch to her own devices. The thing about this is that she still won’t flourish because the upgrade she got was actually being with YOU; once she forfeits her spot she really no longer has the upgrade anymore, now she only has memories.

Here's a good example:
You are a physical specimen and the chic you are kicking it with is cute but could be on bad-bitch status with some gym work, so you pull her into your lifestyle. After peeping your get-down, she catches on and transforms her body and then starts fucking with another dude - okay cool. You turn her loose and move on, and a few months later you see her and she has picked up weight again, bags under her eyes, basically looking ran through. This happens A LOT. The real upgrade wasn’t what she took from being with you; the upgrade was being in your world because that kept her motivated and focused.

Another one...

You are great with money, you got business popping, real estate, and etc.; you catch this cute little chick that works in a call center and put her on the team. You take her with you on a few deals, and she learns to do some of the things you lace her with. After a while she gets in her "I’m a Boss-Bitch" attitude on some Cookie Lyons from Empire shit, and you and she split...after a few months she fucks all her money and credit off--guess why??? You are not in her life anymore, so she lost her upgrade--you feel me?

The above stories are loosely based on real-life experiences by the way. B-)

See the female is merely the vessel for the man/mack’s program. You take away the program and the vessel is empty.
 –Plan~B, Courtesy of UPA (April 15, 2015)

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