House Niggers and Thorough Brothers

To a lot of people house niggers and thorough brothers seem very similar, but there are distinct differences between the two.

House Niggers

House niggers are intelligent, educated, articulate, and prominent; however house niggers remain under the thumbs of white nationalists. House niggers have an alliance and friendship built between them and white nationalists. House niggers lack the guts, cunning, and ruthlessness to sever their alliance with white nationalists which ultimately leads to them losing respect from fellow black people (that aren’t house niggers and nigger bed-wenches) around them. House niggers hold on to a false sense of righteousness to their alliance and friendship to white nationalists despite how bad it makes them look.

Thorough Brothers

Thorough brothers are intelligent, educated, articulate, and prominent (just like house niggers). Thorough brothers build alliances to those beneficial to them, keeping in mind that this is an alliance, not a friendship, so when the usefulness is up, then the alliance is severed. Thorough brothers understand that you can’t mix business and friendship together because it mixes like water and vinegar. If a thorough brother engages in business with a friend, he understands business comes first. Thorough brothers are courageous, cunning, and ruthless because they understand that this is necessary in order to succeed with the odds stacked against them. Thorough brothers hold onto their own moral code, which others may think are amoral, but thorough brothers realize that being aligned with their own set codes of ethics and morals is the key to surviving and thriving.

To define the two in shorthand, house niggers are suckers and sellouts. Thorough brothers are master tacticians in life. –TheKing_65 (April 7, 2013)

(Check my post Rise to Power.)

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