Why Blacks Stopped Caring about Appearing Respectable to the Dominant Society

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How Blacks Stopped Caring about Respectability and Acceptability

One of the more peculiar, if often ignored, features of recent popular protests that have followed many of the seemingly routine extrajudicial executions of black men by cops and white vigilantes in the USA has been the profile of those killed. To put it another way, the majority of black protesters are no longer restrained by CONservative and LIEbral whites talking about the so-called “criminal histories” of those that were murdered. While some white readers of this post might believe that this was always the norm- even a little honest historical research will clearly show otherwise.

What changed? Why have so many blacks (especially those born after 1980) stopped caring about appearing respectable and acceptable to whites? Why haven’t the supposed “criminal histories” and “public personas” of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley and Freddie Gray NOT put a damper on demands for justice for their executions? And perhaps more interestingly, why did so many blacks from previous eras and generations strive for white respectability and acceptability? As I will show you in the rest of this post- all those questions are closely linked to each other.

If you have ever read about the peaceful black civil rights movement from the 1950s and 1960s, it is hard to miss that many leaders of that movement went to great lengths to ensure that plaintiffs in cases of racial discrimination had a “socially acceptable”, “respectable” and “gentle” demeanor. This desire by blacks for “respectability” and “acceptability” by whites intensified after the 1960s and went on well into the late 1990s and early 2000s, when for some inexplicable reason it started to quickly fade away.

You might have noticed that a lot of popular (and rich) black entertainers from the now-disgraced Bill Cosby, Eddy Murphy, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Chris Rock, Tyler Perry and Dave Chappelle made a lot of money by either playing “respectable” black men or by criticizing “all those other” black men. Similarly, a lot of political figures from Barack Obama and Colin Powell to almost every black cop they interview on TV after some black guy was murdered by cops try to avoid the central issue by talking about education, respectability, acceptability and other assorted bullshit.

So, what is going on? Why did most blacks initially embrace the idea that respectability and acceptability would somehow result in “true” equality with whites? Why did this quest for respectability and acceptability strengthen after the civil rights movement only to collapse in the last decade? And why did it collapse?

The genesis of the idea that respectability and acceptability would somehow result in “true” equality with whites is probably the easiest to understand. It probably came about due to a peculiar side-effect of post-1865 American apartheid. Basically, most white people who interacted with blacks (especially in northern states) came in two flavors--a minority who treated black people well and the majority who treated blacks as subhuman but did not have the balls to be honest about it. Consequently many blacks, who had limited exposure to white hypocrisy, wanted to believe that the racist majority of whites might ultimately view them as equals like the non-racist minority did if only they could somehow show themselves to be respectable and acceptable. It goes without saying the racist white majority fed that lie by pretending to believe in it and treating supplicant blacks a bit better than those with self-respect.

Ironically, the aftermath of the civil rights movement as the numerous anti-discrimination legislations passed in that era in combination with the growing economy did actually increase the quality of life for a substantial percentage of the black population in the USA. This trend maintained momentum through the 1980s and even the 1990s until it hit a series of not-so-unexpected roadblocks.

The first and most obvious roadblock was the massive increase in incarceration, socially sanctioned extrajudicial executions and legalized discrimination that followed the “war on drugs.” It is now no secret the so-called “war on drugs” was about reestablishing the ‘Jim Crow’ quo. However many blacks who had benefited from the civil rights movement were initially unwilling to see the “war on drugs” for what it really was. They thought that acting respectable and gaining more social acceptability would somehow insulate them from the abuse of ‘Jim Crow 2.0′.

Well, it sort of did that for a time, especially during the 1980s. However the “war on drugs” kept on growing in scope and soon expanded into increasingly aggressive, violent and militarized policing of black-majority neighborhoods. Of course, this was too justified under the guise of protecting “good and respectable” blacks from drug crazed and violent “niggers”. By the later half of the 1990s, the children of “respectable” blacks found out that the police were incapable and not really interested in distinguishing between them and their “drug-dealing” poor counterparts.

However, the biggest and most important blow to the idea that most whites are decent human beings came from a completely different source- namely, an increase in real life interactions with whites. You see, the most far-reaching effect of the civil rights movement was that it resulted in a vast and almost unprecedented increase in daily interactions between whites and blacks. Prior to the late 1960s, whites were able to exclude blacks from most of their lives and could, therefore, pretend to be more honest and nicer than they were. The ability to exclude blacks fell rapidly after 1965 and in the next two decades many got a chance to find out what white people really were like. The growth and spread of the internet after 1995 allowed blacks to appreciate the extent and depth of white racism.

Consequently, the vast majority of black people born in the last 30 odd years have a very good and accurate understanding of what white people actually think about them. They understand that white racism is not driven by anything beyond the sadistic desire to hurt and kill more vulnerable people. They understand that whites hate blacks because they are alive. They understand that all that talk about education, respectability, and social acceptability is just a smoke screen that whites use to justify racial discrimination. They also understand that whites are a rapidly aging and declining part of the population whose glory days are now just a memory. It is now a waiting game or failing that one of attrition- something that the rest of humanity is now as good at as whites used to be. –Advocatus Diaboli (May 8, 2015)

The Rise and Quick Fall of Black “Respectability” and Bourgeois Black Group-Think

Advocatus Diaboli recently wrote an article about why and how younger blacks born within the last 30-something years relinquished odd notions about appearing to be “respectable” or “acceptable” in white society. He explains that it has to do with the “war on drugs”, institutional and systematic racism and even technological advances, which cause hipsters to observe blatant, white racism. This is especially true and an important issue to discuss amid recent systematic extermination processes (specifically blacks being murdered by American cops).

Here’s my take on the issue in its entirety.

For centuries, blacks voluntarily accepted “their place” because they were largely dependent on whites to support them or because they were enslaved by them and had no other choice. They also believed that everything whites said about them had merit simply because they were in control. This was especially true not only in plantation era but even during the turbulent 1960s. Unfortunately, to date, elder blacks believe white society, religious leaders, law enforcement, and other “experts” have their best interest while people born within the last 30-something years have become more cynical and rebellious.

That said, older generations of blacks were immune to whites saying things like “They’re animals anyway, let them lose their souls” (a quote from The Godfather). In fact, they became so immune to it to where they accepted it. That led to even more people being too passive, aggressively submissive and too ignorant to be offended. Other times, whites patronized blacks, which led to even more passivity and aggressive submissiveness. As a result, older generations strive to appear ‘respectable’ and ‘likable’ to whites. This was rubbed off on specific segments of younger blacks, who idiotically assume that some ‘perfect world’ would be in the works - only given that so-called ‘educated’ or ’empowered’ blacks should sever ties with poorer blacks, ‘thugs’, ‘gangstas’, ‘hoes’, ‘players’, prison jailbait, single mothers or other victims of circumstance.

Unfortunately, this is one reason why other racial ‘hierarchies’ prevail while black movements fail.

So-called ‘educated’, ’empowered’ and well-to-do blacks have embraced the concept of tokenism, which causes them to build walls around others who look like them. Why? Because they may be poor, have criminal records, or because of their sexual orientation and preferences in sex partners, by race or by count. The main reason is to appear ‘principled’ or to obtain temporary perks, kickbacks, or trinkets given to them by their employers. What they don’t get is that unless they have the power or the balls to rewrite or enforce laws that will make the lives of their people more gratifying or empowering, they are playing themselves. Also, they are generally useless, even to the people whose defense they come to or brown-nose. And guess who they get screwed by? The women (female co-workers included) or those in power, who they depend on to feed, clothe and bathe their asses. Not the urban blacks who they vehemently despise or fear.

In order for the “on-point simp” to wake up, his employer would have to can his ass on any given weekday. That, or today’s women would have to purposely withhold sex from him, causing him to do some serious soul searching or take drastic measures.

This has gone on for such a long time, but the civil rights movement of the 1960s was a serious game-changer. This caused a multitude of changes in black life, and people gave up trying to gain some disingenuous respect from whites in general. Younger persons also gave up regimens, especially the spirituality scam and other Disney Myths. This is where things like “game” and rap music came about.

Today’s blacks, however, are more observant and realize they cannot play nice in a world of people trying to eradicate their very existence. Also, thanks to social media, they aren’t falling for duplicitous tendencies and aren’t allowing themselves to be patronized or disrespected anymore. Today’s blacks understand that things like ‘acceptance’ and ‘peaceful’ protests are futile. They - like the rap musicians they embrace - aim for more realistic goals in life: money, respect, sex, and “street cred”... or respect from immediate family members and small social circles. Black playbooks about “game” and rap music play a part in this, in addition to people returning the favor to those who try to eradicate them.

I wrote about how rap music plays a part in why younger blacks disregard appearing “respectable” to whites, or even women who use black men as stepping stones to get more attention from more popular, powerful, virile and sexually adequate males. While I’m on the subject, rappers like 2Pac embraced thug culture because it was an ultimate form of black male masculinity. 2Pac once stated publicly that regardless of what blacks do, they would never be “equal” to whites, let alone become magically immune to systematic discrimination.

During the 1990s, the “war on drugs” expanded. And so did the “association fallacy” (aka, guilty by association) and “Driving While Black” (aka, racial profiling). There was a time when black motorists were harassed by cops simply for driving in white suburbia. The excuse? “They wouldn’t be there unless they were looking for trouble.” Now, that has turned into black motorists being harassed by cops for driving in their own communities. The excuse? “They wouldn’t be there unless they were looking for trouble.” or “This neighborhood is full of drug dealers, vacant houses, pimps, and whores.” But the real reason lies within getting quotas met, maintaining regimes and imposing tyranny. ‘Respectable’ blacks and their kids had to learn the hard way that they were not immune or exempt from police harassment, being lusted after and having their time wasted.

‘Respectable’ blacks and their spiritual, bourgeois, boule, “talented tenth” counterparts openly attack poor blacks, single mothers, gay or promiscuous blacks and so-called “prison thug culture” because they feel it makes it hard for them to have an ‘easier’ life. They say things like “Niggas make it hard for everyone else.” Yes, there is some merit to that because some issues are self-inflicted and can be easily rubbed off on everyone else. Plus the fact that people talk too much, or wreak havoc everywhere they go. But trying to appear ‘safe’ or exempt from white wrath further proves just how impotent these people really are.

I mean, how do you explain other blacks justifying the murder of black children by white cops? How do you explain blacks who hate on other blacks for trying to make ends meet by engaging in drugs while they feel it’s normal for rich bullshit artists of other ethnicities? To exploit and steal from so-called “honest”, “hard working”, “law abiding” blacks? How do you explain Stephen A. Smith regurgitating the same shit Geraldo Rivera said in regards to Trayvon Martin’s murder - which was to “Leave the hoodie at home.” How can anyone justify black cops saying stupid shit like “Well, if black lives matter, blacks would be protesting abortions, not cops.” President Obama is not the only one who changes the subject when the conversation revolves around blacks being killed by American cops. Black conservatives, uncle toms, on-point simps and other assorted house niggers do the same by bringing up education, IQ, spirituality, biblical quotes, the importance of marriages and bootstrap lecturing.

Then, you have the issue of mothers being in constant fear of their son’s lives, attempting to neuter them and prevent them from hanging around more dominant, masculine, thug-like black males. The same women who attack black fatherhood either publicly or in their personal lives. This creates a whole slew of issues among young black boys no one wants to talk about. Such as emasculation, sexual demise, lack of killer instinct, etc.

In the old days, lack of technology, shaming tactics, and mind control techniques used to prevent people from following their inner instincts. Today’s blacks aren’t buying that shit anymore, unlike their elders who had no choice but to take shit from people, be it whites or even their significant others. They couldn’t instantly go out and find alternatives or stand up to their oppressors. But now, things are different. Not too long ago, blacks wanted to hurt businesses by hurting their pockets. This strategy worked several days after Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. On Black Friday of 2014, sales dropped.

While a specific group of younger blacks choose underhanded or self-reliant paths of making money, older blacks and Afrocentric types have an obsession with group economics, which may either change the situation or make matters worse. Then, there may be a demand for black segregation from whites. Aside from giving up access to easy sex with white women, it may be necessary. -Mr. Odessa (May 11, 2015)

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