Thoroughbred Status

I touched upon this briefly in my previous post Karma is a Motherfucker; this is Thoroughbred Status. To reach thoroughbred status you have to see and/or experience things that numb your emotions to a certain extent. Doing this will allow you to see women as they really are, rather than a romanticized version. Seeing women as they really are, allows you to interact with them as normal human beings rather than as mythical beings. This is a problem that a lot of guys have. No one is all good; we all have bad traits; understanding this allows us not to view women as white or black, but rather gray.
Now, notice that I used the word “understand." Understanding is the strongest aspect of an aspiring player/mack. Some guys think that being completely unfeeling for women will make your game strong; these guys do not know what they are talking about. In order to strategize and use someone to your benefit, you must first understand that person. If you do not understand your target, then you will not be able to utilize that person effectively, putting all your actions to null. Empathy is different from sympathy. To emphasize with a person simply means you understand that person. To sympathize for a person means you feel sorry for that person. As a player/mack you want to understand them, but do not necessarily have to feel sorry for them, and you usually shouldn’t. Feeling sorry for them will make you vulnerable to manipulation and their strongest asset, tears. Tears for a woman is her trump card. When her nagging does not work, her praising does not work, and her offers of sexual gratification do not work, then her last trump card is to cry. The book The Art of Seduction talks about how a woman’s ultimate trump card is crying, and if that does not work, then she has no control over her man. You have to understand women so you can use your understanding of her to your advantage, and her advantage as well, so do not be ashamed to be empathetic towards women but rather embrace it.

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