Enraptured by the Ism

Alright, I am going to share with you (plural form) a story involving a conversation I had with an elderly member at my church. This conversation occurred after church had let out for Sunday school.
Now, this conversation came about as I was heading home and was stopped by an elderly member that wanted to congratulate me for sharing my ideals during Sunday school. During Sunday school I was sharing ideas in regards to Justice versus Just-Us. Being that I am not politically correct, the ideas that I shared consisted of me simply dropping game. However, the elderly member wanted to thank me for sharing my ideas. This brought about my post and the Ism that I am about to get into.
I and the elderly gentleman were conversing about various things from buying up politicians, to some of my travels, today’s workforce, and self-empowering ourselves. Alright, I made certain to be particularly thorough because his granddaughter was standing beside us listening and I wanted to ensure that I was concise enough for her to understand.
Nowadays, there aren’t very many bright, well-educated, and articulate women within the Black community whose minds are not completely messed up. I previously shared such a story of a woman who had everything going for her professionally, but personally she was a mess; this is usually the case with these “successful Black women,” so I wanted to ensure that I laced his granddaughter with good game so that she would not, in the future, become one of them. When these women are still somewhat young and still impressionable their minds are not completely rotted, so they can be enlightened, and they will accept the teachings of those with good game. Judging by how articulate and intelligent she is now, she has a great opportunity to blossom into a truly successful and flourishing woman. I state this because she is already thorough enough to understand that the whole argument within the black community in terms of dark skin versus light skin is stupid. Sadly, there are a lot of adults that are actually dumb enough to give that argument credence, which goes to show that a lot of adults have not matured beyond that of a young person.
Now, while I was spitting game to her grandfather, and lacing him as well, in certain areas, I began to feel the Ism take over his granddaughter. I began noticing her vibe changing into a more sensual vibe, and I began noticing the desire for me within her. After kicking game for a minute to her grandfather, her grandfather told her to take out her phone to take my number in case she has questions in terms of choosing a college, or any other thing. This woman is extremely articulate, in fact, she speaks perfect English, but she began stumbling over her words and couldn’t even speak. I gave her my number to contact in case she has questions, and I also told her about my blog in case she would like to read more of my thoughts. I gave her forewarning that my blog is not politically correct, and she said that she was okay with that; the only reason I mentioned this is because I could tell that she has been surrounded by political correctness, so my blog is a hard dose of reality with no chaser. :-D I left shortly after giving her my blog. As a matter of fact, I left so suddenly after giving her my blog until both, her grandfather and her, were still enraptured by the Ism for a few seconds after I told them I was out. I had to tell them twice to snap them out of it, and so they could get going to afternoon service. (I don’t go to afternoon service, in case you’re wondering. I go to early morning service.)
Now, this story right here, although it pertains to a young lady and her grandfather, also encases what happens whenever older men begin talking to younger women, or thoroughbreds begin talking to people in general. Our worldly view and experiences cause us to have a deeper understanding of the world around us. This knowledge that we have, and effortlessly share with those around us, causes them to become ensnared with our words. This is why younger women are often attracted to older guys, and why, people in general, are fascinated with the appearance of a true player; they come seeking the divine wisdom, which is the game, that we have, and so effortlessly display.

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