Ever notice how White Supremacist Elite use the same tactics of control?

Ever notice how White Supremacist Elitist, that run things, use the same tactics to control and destroy Melanoid Americans?
I will explain these tactics below, but before I do, I must share a quote my history teacher taught me, “History doesn’t repeat History, People repeat History!”

1) Civil Rights Act.
The Civil Rights Act was an example of White Supremacist Politicians passing bills that don’t really help us at all, BUT Melanoid People fell for it. Notice the results after the Civil Rights Act was passed. What progress was gained? We actually regressed. Dr. King was killed after it was passed. The Black Panthers took place after it passed. Again, Civil Rights Act was a Jedi-mind-trick, and Melanoid People fall for this every time.

2) Police Military over Melanoid People aka Martial Law.
After Dr. King, who was a Boulé back then, after all, and the Political White Supremacist pushed the Calming Pill down our throat, known as Civil Rights Act, the police agencies were going into a frenzy and harming us more than ever. This led to the Black Panthers, which got infiltrated and turned against each other thanks to White Supremacists and coons.

3) Black Feminist Movement, aka Gender War: Divide and Conquer.
Exploit Melanoid Women’s conditioned desire to be accepted by Whites, their naturally conditioned self-hate, their harsh living conditions, and their dream of being seen as equal on the pedestal to White Women. White Supremacists' Central Intelligence Agency agents sent White Women into the Melanoid community as missionaries spreading the religion of Feminism in which Melanoid American Men were labeled as their target, although Melanoid American Men have never had a history in the United States of America, USA, of oppressing their women collectively. From here the USA government pushed welfare on Melanoid Women, as long as they didn’t have Men in the household, basically replacing the Melanoid Males in the household, and unbalancing the interdependency in the Melanoid American Family that both Melanoid Men and Melanoid Women once relied on which kept the family together; this is where the high rate of out-of-wedlock birth rates in the Melanoid Community came from. The White Women Missionary's feminist religion taught Melanoid Women what the government wanted them to think, which is that “Melanoid Men are shit, and that they don’t need Melanoid Men anymore, and that their biggest problem isn’t Racism but is Melanoid Men oppressing them”. Melanoid Women fell for this trap, and the Civil War within the Melanoid Community created a major divide both inside and outside the families. There was no turning back because now Melanoid Women were taunted for being feminine now, and the new narrative pushed was that they always have to be stronger than a Melanoid Man, no matter what. That creates competition between Melanoid Men and Melanoid Women in the Melanoid Woman’s subconscious mind which creates constant conflicts seen even to this day.

4) Benign Neglect aka Pretend Racism doesn’t exist.
Nixon was big on this. Let’s just all never mention anything about Melanoid People and their racial injustices at any cost. Eventually, the Melanoid People will also buy into it and actually believe they are progressing when in reality, looking at the numbers and statistics, they really are regressing; we fall for this every time.

Now you are probably wondering how these are being reapplied in today’s age.
Well, let’s take a look.

President Obama aka the Modern Day Civil Rights Act at play.
President Obama is the result of the modern day Civil Rights Act at play. Just like the Civil Rights Act, the Melanoid Americans took this symbolic victory too far, as if it really was a form of Progress; in both cases Melanoid People regressed. In fact, Obama, just like the Civil Rights Act, and Affirmative Action, actually provided more assistance to Non-Melanoid People than he did for the Melanoid People that fought to put him in place and supported him. Again, another Illusion/Jedi-mind-trick; we fall for this over and over. Obama hasn’t done a single thing for Melanoid People, but we support him blindly because of what he stands for symbolically which is a physical symbol of White Acceptance.

Legal Police Killings and Citizen Killings of Melanoid People.
Again, this never ended really; Jim Crow never ended really, just changed form. The differences between now and 20 years ago are Social Media and cameras everywhere, and them being smaller than ever, so it's harder for media outlets to hide and blackout Racism from police and other dangerous White Supremacist sources like they could in the past. Remember in Ferguson when they tried to block media outlets from reporting what was going on, but Melanoid People still were reporting the story on Twitter, Vine, and YouTube. They know Melanoid People will be mad for a short period of time and then forget all about it if you put something else in their face or pay off the families to also speak of forgiveness Al Sharpton style. Also, this is a perfect time for passing more behind the scenes White Supremacist's bills while Melanoid minds are occupied.

Black Lives Matter turned into a Melanoid Women versus Melanoid Men issue.
Black Lives Matter was started by a White Supremacist, just like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was, and is full of Melanoid Agents of White Supremacy. The coons and the White Supremacists deflected the energy from Black Lives Matter into All Lives Mater, and into Gay Lives Matter making it a Sex movement which laid the groundwork for them to push Black Women Lives Matter, as we can see from their recent actions. The Black Lives Matter people work for the White Supremacists, as I have explained, so they have a political agenda. They are pushing for Hilary Clinton to become president, which will make her the first Female President of the United States, which is nothing but an active Feminism Bomb waiting to explode, and who do you think the target will be? Of course, it’s the Melanoid Community. Once again, the Black Feminist: Divide and Conquer will go into the extreme again, once again exploiting Melanoid Women’s conditioned desire to be accepted by White Men and White Women, in this case, Hilary and the White Supremacist Feminists. We will fall for this again, as usual. They will once again start up the Interracial Movement, and push for Melanoid Women to marry White Men and have Mixed kids, while they slowly redefine the definition of Black and White like they did for many of the now classified White Groups such as the Italians, Jews, Turkish, Arabian, Irish, Hispanic, and etc. which will exploit Melanoid People’s desire to escape oppression by reaching to breed out their Melanin to gain a White Card Status for their future generations which will weaken the Melanoid American Population numbers once again and create more divide and conquer, similar to Haiti versus the Dominican Republic situation, right here in the USA basically making Melanoid Americans a permanent underclass.

Post Racial.
Benign Neglect by a different name. Let’s pretend like Racism is over because the Civil Rights Act, Obama, is at play. Let’s pretend like Melanoid People have progressed. Continue the Illusion of Inclusion as we dry up their current resources and give it to White People, while building a Legal form of discrimination using clever technology and studies, such as Written Tests on Job hiring processes, or Lie Detector Tests on job hiring processes to justify why we discriminate. Let’s not forget how this also affects the minds of Melanoid People. Many of us start believing this Post-Racial narrative. Remember the Melanoid Juror during the Michael Dunn case, and some of the things she said. That’s why Benign Neglect is so dangerous. –Knight Honor, Courtesy of Melanoid Nation Reddit (August 18, 2015)

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