Most Black People Don’t Identify Themselves with “Black Lives Matter”

Recently, the suspected White supremacist’s created group “Black Lives Matter” has been accused of blowing up a police vehicle and leaving a note behind to claim that incident. Now, it has already been uncovered that “Black Lives Matter” was created by 3 feminists. Furthermore, people that have attached themselves to the group—such as Feminista Jones and Deray McKesson (Watch from 11:05-27:15)—have already been exposed as frauds and opportunists. Furthermore, in the past, when the “Black Lives Matter” activists were given a chance to voice concerns about real Black issues, they’ve squandered the opportunity by delving into emotions while neglecting to speak about more relevant matters such as economics. We’re seriously in need of reparations—along with other financial perks. Also, when “Black Lives Matter” does actually mention measures that it’d like taken, it speaks of rights for the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transsexual (LGBT) Movement. Even at the Geneva Convention, the “Black Lives Matter” leaders only spoke of LGBT issues. Therefore, it’s evident that this movement isn’t about actual change. They’re only attention-seekers. Most important to note, the leaders of this movement weren’t selected by those they’re supposed to represent. Many of us aren’t aware of the different leaders. Moreover, they haven’t reached out either to acquaint themselves with us. So, “Black Lives Matter” isn’t a movement that speaks for Black people. It’s just a movement fabricated by the dominant society to take the backlash of the dominant society for there being hordes of unconnected Black people rising for Black empowerment. In general, the Black community has learned from the past and has chosen to remain leaderless this time around.
Now, back to the note. It’s no secret that in the past, our government has planted misinformation in order to propagate dissension. Our government has also done this in order to push its narrative on the people. The narrative here is obviously “Black Lives Matter” is anti-police. Furthermore, our government promotes the message that all Black people are “Black Lives Matter”. However, this ploy is flawed. I previously hyperlinked a video with “Black Lives Matter” representatives speaking to presidential candidate Hilary Clinton; however, this wasn’t the first time that “Black Lives Matter” representatives have encountered Hilary. Previously, one of the representatives crashed one of Hilary’s speaking engagements in order to troll her. Our government has already been discovered tapping our phones, so the activist’s ploy likely would’ve been known about well in advance. Furthermore, the fact that the protestor was allowed to troll her for as long as she was is questionable.
Anyway, a movement that doesn’t speak about pertinent issues, when given a chance, isn’t a real movement to begin with--especially if its representatives happened to be given the opportunity to speak with people that have the ability to erect real change. Finally, even President Obama has acknowledged that “Black Lives Matter” isn’t a terrorist group. By the way, in case you’re wondering why he’d do this, it could have something to do with his ties to George Soros.

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