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The Black Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered community is beginning to learn the meaning of this. The White Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered community is starting to distance itself from the Black Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered community now that they’ve attained power. This will make the 4th time in history that a major group of Black people has been used and discarded. The 1st time was during slavery with the slave master pitting light-skinned Blacks--house-niggers--against dark-skinned Blacks--field-niggers. The 2nd time was during the Civil Rights Movement by having White women join in to gain Civil Rights which--through correlation--trickled right back to the White community. The Feminist Movement kicked off a little after the Civil Rights Movement and featured White women as well. White women were joined by Black women in their fight for women’s rights--which also meant more benefits for the White community. Moreover, it also placed a rift in the Black community. Finally, the White Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered community has used the Black Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered community to gain power and is also discarding them like their White counterparts of other movements have done. Black folks better learn to lay down ground rules ahead of time and ensure to get these requirements filled before proceeding.
Furthermore, Black folks better learn to take as much of the pie (so to type) as possible before being discarded. My video “The Last Days of the Lehman Brothers” shows exactly how an astute business person does that. One of the former presidents of one of the “Too Big to Fail” companies demanded $29 per share for his bought out business; he also demanded that he keep his title. When he got to the new business, he immediately gave large payouts to his former constituents that moved with him. He took as much as he could before he was let go. Black folks need to start doing the same thing to ensure that their interests are met. These are the parts mentioned in my post. (44:12-45:56), (47:42-48:58), (55:28-56:25), and (57:20-57:42). –Jason Williams (08/04/2013)

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