Social Justice Warriors and Pro-Self-Interests

First off, many notable social justice warriors do not stand up for justice out of the kindness of their hearts. (Sorry to kill anyone’s delusions.) Many social justice warriors stand up for social justice for money. This is a business move. Furthermore, many social justice warriors align themselves with anything that happens to be the latest uproar. This means that sometimes social justice warriors align themselves with a movement that happens to be the direct opponent of another movement the social justice warrior previously aligned himself/herself with. This is because social justice warriors attempt to be too encompassing. Furthermore, and this is strictly for my Melanese people, social justice warriors immediately turn their backs on us once we actually become equal. This goes into the second issue involving social justice warriors. Many social justice warriors become social justice warriors to relieve White guilt derived from White privilege. It helps them sleep better at night when they know that they help defend an underprivileged person, especially when the person happens to be Melanese. However, they turn their back if/when we become equal because they do not actually want to be equals. Basically, many social justice warriors simply want us to remain subservient and dependent upon their generosity. Now, ways that social justice warriors will attack Melanese people is to subvert issues that we have dealt with in the past and/or overtly attack us.
Now, let’s go a bit deeper into the social justice warrior. To start, social justice warriors speak out against injustices that favor them or do not affect them. If a person speaks out against injustices that harm them, then that is a person that is Pro-Self-Interests. There is nothing wrong with being Pro-Self-Interests, but people that are Pro-Self-Interests are not working on the behalf of societal justice; they are working on behalf of their self-interests. However, one good thing about people that are Pro-Self-Interests is the fact that they are less likely to become confused in regards to their agenda—as they have a clear-cut plan laid out. Thus, they are less liable to contradict themselves in their quest to achieve their agenda. In conclusion, this is why it is not ideal for a Melanese person to be a social justice warrior of any kind (including Feminism) because it does not serve our interests. Instead, it is better to be Pro-Melanese/Pro-Black because this means that we are Pro-Self-Interests.

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