A Wasted Vote

Since it’s election season, people are gearing up for the presidency. Moreover, with the anticipation of a new president, anxiety is setting in for many Black people. Essentially, Black people are pondering what kind of harm can/will the new president cause to Black people. This isn’t the type of mindset that we should be having with a new president; however, it’s expected. No president has ever done anything specifically for Black people; not Abe or Obama. (If you look at the 13th Amendment, slavery is redefined as punishment for a crime. Furthermore, we clearly see that Obama hasn’t done anything for us.) Therefore, many Black people have taken on a “lesser of two evils” mindset when it comes to voting. However, this is the wrong mindset to have. White people vote for their further enhancement; Black people vote to prevent further disenfranchisement. Furthermore, many older Black people push the false narrative that our elders and ancestors fought for our right to vote. This is a complete falsehood. Elders and ancestors fought for the right to enrich Black people. They saw voting as an opportunity to attain this. They wouldn’t have continued voting if they saw that it clearly wielded no tangible benefits. Therefore, coons pushing this narrative used the elders/ancestors as their scapegoats.
Now, with everything stated in mind, Melanese people, you do not have to vote if you do not see any tangible benefits in it. Furthermore, voting for the lesser of two evils is a losing strategy anyway. Vote for your enrichment. There’re a total of four presidential candidates. You do not have to vote for Hillary or Trump. You can also vote for one of the independent candidates; their names are Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Now, speaking of Jill Stein, she should be on every Melanese’s person’s mind come election time. She’s the only candidate that has even mentioned giving us reparations for the centuries-long disenfranchisement that we’ve endured. (She did it in the context of people of color, but this is far more than any other candidates have.) 

Now that I’ve mentioned that there other parties available--aside from the Democratic party and the Republican party--I also want to throw this out. Although most past presidents were either Democratic or Republican, there have been presidents that’ve derived from parties not affiliated with either. We’ve had Whig party presidents, Nonpartisan presidents, and Federalist presidents. Therefore, if the vast majority of people decided that they don’t like either, so they’re taking their vote elsewhere and choose to vote independent, a president can be determined that doesn’t derive from either the Republican or Democratic section. So, voting independent isn’t a wasted vote. A person that tells you that, has a wasted mind.

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