Reality Starting to Set in

In the job I work at it consists mostly of women. Among those women, most of them are single mothers. Furthermore, most of them have tramp stamps (usual tramp stamps, tattoos above their breasts, and tattoos above their vaginas); also, a lot of them have tramp markings (tongue rings, bull rings, and navel rings). Now, an activity that I engage in is observing those around me. From my observations, I have overheard some interesting things. I overheard one woman talk about a guy she was with that dumped her because she could not cook and would not cook. She attempted to downplay this by saying she was not bothered by that, but she mentioned that she made certain after that to learn how to cook, and she now cooks for the men, since then, that she dates. Despite this woman attempting to downplay her being dumped by her boyfriend, it is obvious that it left an impression because she now cooks for every man that she dates, despite her complaining about hating to cook for her man. Another woman that I converse with, I inquired about her fiancé, since she happens to wear an engagement ring; upon my doing this, she told me about her and her baby's father. Basically, she told me that they broke up because they would often butt heads because he required that he be the leader of the relationship and she required that she be the leader of the relationship; this caused me to assume that the engagement ring she was wearing was from her baby's father, but to further solidify my assumption I later on once again inquired about her fiancé, because when she told me about her baby's father last time she actually never told me anything about her fiancé. This time she told me about her “fiancé” which she accidentally referred to as her boyfriend before correcting herself. Now, this particular woman intends to move to a different state to continue her schooling to become a lawyer; she conveniently never ever mentions her in her “fiancé” moving to this state together which lets me know that she really is only involved in what I call a “jump-off relationship”. The day she told me about her baby's father was her polite way of saying she is really not engaged anymore; however, she clearly has not gotten over her baby's father because she still wears an engagement ring for a guy that she is no longer with. :-D When she called her “fiancé” her boyfriend it's because she is not actually engaged to that guy. I know this because women look forward to getting married and being engaged is the closest one can get to being married without actually being married, so a woman is not going to accidentally call her fiancé her boyfriend. I don’t know this woman well enough on a personal level to know if she still tries to challenge men, however, from my interactions with her, it seems that she keeps her ego in check, to a certain extent, so being dumped by her baby’s father left an impression on her.

A lot of women can relate to what I typed because they’re in similar situations. One reason why a lot of women are in the situations they're in is because they learned their lessons too slowly. 

Now, a lot of women are in jump-off relationships, although they won’t admit it, at least not to men; they are in these situations, despite claiming to be single. However, women like these claiming to be single are not completely inaccurate because, although they are with men, they are still single mothers because the men that they are with will do nothing for their children. This may seem harsh, but this just goes to show that the saying that women used to use about being a packaged deal backfired :-D ; this is why you rarely see women using that quote anymore. Women have accepted that if they happen to become a single mother then the best that they can hope for is being in a jump-off relationship when it comes to interacting with men that do not have children; I use the term “jump-off relationship” here because the relationships can never become meaningful unless the men that they date accept their children as their own, which is not happening. All of this ties into a post I made four years ago below.

The Game: The past, the present, and the future

Nowadays damn near everyone is feeling it. The game isn’t how it was when the economy was up. Women are going into survival mode and trying to hustle pussy, and dudes are going into desperate mode and cosigning bullshit and knowing it’s bullshit. Nowadays you have to be thorough as hell to get simple shit done. You used to be able to get shit done with an ounce of ism backing you. Even pimps are feeling it because a lot of hoes are getting their renegade on and the loyalty is gone. They’re choosing thug pimps and cutting deals for half rather than handing it over. Furthermore, thugs are trying their hand at pimping and misrepresenting further confusing these hoes. Dudes that claimed to be down with this are now falling into tricking and simping to wet their dicks because they can’t weather the drought. However, I have faith that once the economy picks back up these broads are going to be handing the pussy out again. However, once the economy picks back up they’re going to have to get broken seriously. Also, these fakes out here are
going to get broken too if they want to learn, or broken continuously if they want to be cheapskates; either way folks are going to feel it when the economy picks back up and this desperate energy fades away. Those at the forefront will yield high rewards for staying down, just like investors in 1929 yielded high rewards for putting their money into the right investments and sticking with it; this made them millionaires for which they remained for decades later. –TheKing_65 (May 7, 2013)


This is why it is up to guys to set the standard of socially acceptable behavior because if we do not then women will run wild and do whatever they are allowed to get away with. Finally, and this is a doozy, White supremacy bringing us back to slavery is another prime contributing factor to women starting to get some act right because the situation now is either act right or suffer.

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