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The Female Friend-zone

(The below is a post with a female touching on things that I laid out in a previous post.)

Ladies we’ve all done it--met a really great guy who treats you really well that you just cannot imagine yourself fucking.  He’s so amazing! He changes your light bulbs, takes out your trash, you invite him to your cookout because you know he’ll volunteer to supervise the grill; he even lets you talk to him about your man problems. He’s literally your bestie with a beard. The man is in love with you, and you know it, but you can’t help that you aren’t attracted to him. That’s just life. What I didn’t know until recently is that men are out here friend-zoning US. It’s so sad!
A few weekends ago, I woke up completely distraught. I rolled my somewhat drunk ass out of bed, swung open my best friend’s bedroom door, interrupted her phone convo and screamed, “I GOT FRIEND-ZONED LAST NIGHT.” She looked horrified! We’ve honestly never heard of such a thing before. We are fucking gorgeous women with things …

Reaction To Women Abusing Men In Public

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Mentoring + Mastery + Power = Success with Author Robert Greene

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Her Power Is In Her Pussy

Most females know the one thing most guys want from them is their pussy. She knows the average man buys drinks, flosses his money, and steps to her with nothing but sex on his mind. So females have gotten slick. They know that if pussy is what you really want, then she's going to leverage the power of her vagina to her full advantage.

A woman that can control a man through sex will never have genuine respect for that man. She may be afraid of his physical strength if he's a hot head or a street nigga; but as a woman, she can never fully submit, heart and soul to a guy she can control in any way. It’s something about her genetic makeup. If she can control you, she doesn't really want you.

If her power over most men is in her pussy, then your ultimate power over her is in taking the value out of her vagina. You have to knock it down in value, in both your eyes and hers. A woman won't have genuine respect for a guy who acts like a pussy whipped trick, but she'll have al…

This Isn’t Burger King; You Can’t Have It Your Way

Alright, what inspired this post is something that I’ve heard a few guys say in regards to decision-making and dealing with women. Now, it often gets stated that women like when guys are decisive. As a matter of fact, women actually hate for a guy to be indecisive. However, it has been stated by guys that in the same breath that women like for a guy to be decisive, women love to be indecisive, and will even turn down choices that a guy may choose when he is being decisive, only to ask him to pick another choice that she may like. Now, some guys actually entertain this nonsense; guys like this, essentially, put on a horse-and-pony show for their mates. These guys are simply trying too hard to impress their mates, rather than simply doing what I like to call “putting them on ice.” If you’re a guy, and your lady asks you to make a decision, then make the decision. However, if she does not like your decision then propose that she makes an alternative decision. If she can’t make an alterna…

Intimidating Weak Females

I’ve talked about the false bravado that some women present in order to intimidate guys; now, I’m going to expand upon the faux notion that some women say about being too good to cooperate. This post is straight up about the ISM and putting it down, and the effects that it has along with what it represents.
Now then, it takes a special kind of lady to get down with a thoroughbred. Many women desire one but are not qualified to have one within their life. In order to have one, a woman must not be afraid of the ISM and what it represents.
Now, when you’re spitting at a broad and she begins feeling that ISM she’s going to go into a state of euphoria and begin hanging on every word that you say; her mind will go blank and she’ll be stuck in the here and now. However, this euphoric feeling that you give her is fleeting and it only lasts while you’re within her presence, or while you’re communicating with her via phone or some other means. However, once all forms of communication are ceased, …