Intimidating Weak Females

I’ve talked about the false bravado that some women present in order to intimidate guys; now, I’m going to expand upon the faux notion that some women say about being too good to cooperate. This post is straight up about the ISM and putting it down, and the effects that it has along with what it represents.
Now then, it takes a special kind of lady to get down with a thoroughbred. Many women desire one but are not qualified to have one within their life. In order to have one, a woman must not be afraid of the ISM and what it represents.
Now, when you’re spitting at a broad and she begins feeling that ISM she’s going to go into a state of euphoria and begin hanging on every word that you say; her mind will go blank and she’ll be stuck in the here and now. However, this euphoric feeling that you give her is fleeting and it only lasts while you’re within her presence, or while you’re communicating with her via phone or some other means. However, once all forms of communication are ceased, she’ll return to her normal state with no real recollection of what you said to her, basically nullifying the ISM, you were spitting. This is why it takes a special kind of lady to be able to absorb the ISM, comprehend it, and act upon it.
Now, let’s say that you were spitting game to a female that you were feeling and she was down with the ISM and seemingly raring to go; you pass her your info and instruct her to contact you; she takes your info but never acts on it. Excluding the obvious—her being in a relationship—this is a woman that either feels she is too good to be contacting a guy first because she feels as though you are supposed to be contacting her first—due to archaic thinking—or the game you spit was so strong that it simply intimidated her—causing her to go back to the average cats and lames she’s used to.
A lot of females claim that they want a thoroughbred, but they freeze-up when given a chance to get down with a thoroughbred. Messing with a thoroughbred means that she’s going to have to step her game up and bring things to the table aside from just her looks; most females aren’t willing, or even capable, of doing that, so they cower out and charge themselves, saving you the time of doing it for them.
Next, are the females that are simply too intimidated by the euphoric feeling you elicited within them. They’re simply afraid that you hold too much power over them, so they distance themselves from you. These women are also not qualified because they are afraid of the ISM you bring and what you represent.
This is why it takes a special kind of lady to mess with a special kind of man.

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