Dealing with White Nationalists Part 2

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Alright, what drove me to make this post was a recent situation at my job. There’s this White guy at my job that does IT. This guy is an undercover White supremacist and a volunteer police officer. This guy gives off the usual White supremacist vibe and offers the usual White supremacist excuses for why cops treat Black people the way that they do--especially since he is a volunteer cop. Now, despite this, I still get along with the guy--although I know not to trust him--since he is a White supremacist. Nonetheless, I have noticed from conversations that I have had with this guy that he is a chronic liar. He is not the only White person at my job that I have noticed is a chronic liar--so I am seeing a pattern between most White people, and them being chronic liars. There is this one White woman at my job--that never comes to work--that also is a chronic liar. I have noticed that they like to lie in a way that makes them seem more knowledgeable than they really are and better than they really are. The White woman’s lies involve her being a doctoral student with multiple degrees in school to become either a doctor or pediatrician. :-D The IT guy’s lies include him formerly being in the Air Force ROTC program to become an officer in the Air Force. For a while, I believed his lies about this until last night.
A little back story.
So, since he knows that I was once in the military--he makes jokes about the insults I endured while I was in basic training. He barks orders like the drill sergeants do in basic training, but I don’t actually listen to him.
Now, yesterday he decided to use one of his basic training insults to call me a private. Now, each branch has three primary first-tier enlistment ranks. Private is an Army rank for tiers E-1 through E-3. E-1 is a private basic. E-2 is a private. E-3 is a private first class. In the Air Force, the rules are relatively the same, except you replace the word "private" with "airman". Now, regardless of how high ranking you become in the Air Force—and any branch really—you never stop being what you are called. In the Air Force, we are called airmen--so from airman basic to four-star general you are still an Airman. To call someone from one branch a title that belongs to another branch is a major insult that someone belonging to your same branch would never do. When he did this last night, I checked him on this, but it also confirmed to me that he was never in the Air Force ROTC program. Regardless of what your association is, this is something you would know.
Now, this is not the first time that I have caught him in a lie. Last night, he also lied about the price of platinum per ounce--and when corrected--he tried to justify his lie, to no avail, only to make up another lie about the price being what he stated in the past. Once he inquired about Roots--because he has never seen it--and I told him that it was a slave mini-series; he asked was it similar to Uncle Tom’s Cabin--which he has never read--, and I told him “yes” because--although I have never read Uncle Tom’s Cabin either--it is a slave story. From this, he tried to explain to me that even before slavery had gotten to America it was in the world, and that slavery was always as it was in America. I disputed him on this, and he disputed back by pointing to college textbooks and stating that they talk about slavery in history being exactly the same. I told him if that is the case then your books were probably mentioned in a book that I have read called Lies My Teacher Told Me, Everything That Your History Books Got Wrong. Once I told him this, he recanted his statement. Truthfully, I didn’t tell him that I was lying when I said that. Lies My Teacher Told Me, Everything That Your History Books Got Wrong pokes holes in the lies contained within textbooks that students read in school, but it focuses on grade school. I just bluffed him with my lie to make him recant his words. (Basically, I countered his lie with a lie of my own. :-D ) This is not the only thing that he has stated that has let me know that he is a closet White supremacist, though. He told me that he thought that George Bush Jr. was a good president. He also said that between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Donald Trump would probably be the better candidate. (These conversations happened on separate days.) However, after he stated that Donald Trump will be a better candidate, he asked me what my political affiliation was. I told him that I support whoever benefits me the most. From this, he stated that since I am lower middle-class, just like him, then that would be neither. Finally--and this goes back to the point of my story where I was talking about slavery--I told him that if he were interested in really learning about African history, he should watch Hidden Colors. He said that he had seen it, so I asked him who some of the characters within the documentary were. One of the characters he stated was James Earl Jones; from this, I realized that he hadn’t seen it. I told him that James Earl Jones was not in any of them, so he realized he was thinking of something else. I told him that I can let him borrow my discs, but I would have to find them first. I told him that I have a book that covers all that is in the documentaries along with providing, even more, information, but it was a huge book so he probably would not want to read it. He said that--while he was in college--he read books that ranged from 1,600 pages to 1,800 pages, so reading a 750-page book would be nothing to him. The following week I brought my book When We Ruled and let him see the book to read in his office since my job is very slow paced, and his is as well. He took the book into his office and set it on his desk and never even opened it. When I saw him a while later I asked him how was the book so far, and he told me that it was interesting, although he had only read the first few pages; he stated that it was a book that had to be read in sections.
This guy served as a case study for me, though. He served to showcase that closet White supremacists are willfully ignorant and chronic liars, so I thank him for allowing me to field study him. :-D –TheKing_65 (December 20, 2015)

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