Dealing with White Nationalists

“The Secret World of Mormonism - Mormon Cartoon” 

Earlier today (about two hours ago) I was at a charity event. While there I had a conversation with an elderly man (71 years of age). We discussed many different topics starting with finances which led to schooling. The elder man asked me what school I go to and I told him. He told me about what to look into when choosing a school (because my school doesn’t show up as being a top-ranked school). I told him about my school and how it’s regionally accredited which is supposed to be better than being nationally accredited. He told me a source to go to ensure that I choose a top-ranked school. I told him that I chose my school due to its speed and its usefulness to me. (I go there using military benefits that cover three years of schooling. I can graduate from there in two and a half years.) Next, he told me about looking for jobs how it’s best to accept a role as an employee before going for management so you can learn the ins and outs of what you’ll be managing. I agreed with him. Next, he talked about checking out psychology books to sharpen your critical thinking skills since managers have to be able to think critically about complex issues. He also told me that it’s good to have a mentor because I’m young and there are a lot of things that I don’t know yet, and haven’t experienced. I told him that I’ve read Robert Greene’s books, “48 Laws of Power”, “Art of Seduction”, “33 Strategies of War”, and “Mastery” (these are psychology books). I also told him that even though I have never met Robert Greene I consider him to be one of my mentors. Afterwards, he talked about infrastructure (buildings) and history; everything has been done before. Also, he recommended some history books that I check out. I listened and told him that I’ve actually read a history book, “Lies My Teacher Told Me, Everything that Your History Books Got Wrong”. He looked shocked. (I believe it was because of the book I mentioned to him because the book he recommended “Lies My Teacher Told Me, Everything that Your History Books Got Wrong” pokes holes in the lies contained in his recommendation.) Next, he spoke a little about his travels and told me that he has also studied a little in religion. He mentioned the Mormon religion and how it’s out there (basically ridiculous) and I agreed and told him that I’ve studied a little of the Mormon religion myself and it’s out there. After this, he said he had to go. (The charity event was over by this point. We got there pretty late.) I stopped him one last time to give my name and get his. (I do this to strangers that I’ve carried on conversations with.) I told him my name is Muhammad. He asked me how to spell it. I spelled it. He told me his name is Cornelius Francisco the third. Afterward, he told me that it would be a really good idea to change my name to something more normal sounding. He told me during the 1960s many black people were changing their names to go against the establishment and the powers that be. I agreed. I told him however that my name is actually of African descent because I’m of African heritage just like his name is of European descent because he’s of European heritage. He told me that I’m pretty intelligent, well read, and articulate. He told me that if I change my name that I could go far in the world. He told me also  that he changed his name a long time ago to fit in because the key to going places in life is fitting in. He told me that he changed his name to Frank. He told me that changing my name will make advancing through life a lot easier because I won’t be seen as radical and I agreed. I told him however that my name is actually of African descent because I’m of African heritage just like his name is of European descent because he’s of European heritage. (I told him that twice because he still was referring to African sounding names as being weird.) He told me that I speak English though. I agreed. (I was about to explain to him the labor dynamic of the U.S. and how to best make it beneficial, but didn’t get a chance. He began acting somewhat cautious around me like he said the wrong thing or something.) He told me that I could change my name or plow on through life; it’s my choice. He left after this.

The breakdown.

A lot of white nationalist think and feel the same way as Frank, but never tell you. In order for a white nationalist to come out to you they must first feel as though you’re unique from what they assume us to be like (thanks to the media’s portrayal of us); however, once they feel comfortable around you they’ll open up. Once they open up you can get a peek into the white nationalist’s ideology. They only truly feel comfortable conversing with a black person if you’re a house nigger. To them, if you’re articulate, intelligent, and educated then you must be like them. Frank actually told me that I’m just like all of the other people in corporate America except my skin which I can’t change, but changing my name and going with the flow will allow me to fit in with the middle class corporate America. I appreciate him for telling me this (even though I already knew this). This is the main reason why I refuse to work for someone else. I rather be myself and stand on my own two feet and make my own money, my way than play the role of a house nigger to fit in. This is why I feel that it’s imperative that blacks quit striving for these “good jobs” out here because we have to give up too much for them. When you’re an entrepreneur you can be yourself and still live comfortably to extravagantly; the choice is yours. – TheKing_65 (February 2, 2012)

(You can check out all of the books I mentioned here.

I also referenced this post in Green Trumps Skin Color.)

For a black person to become successful (make money) we’re going to have to do business with white people, and most are undercover nationalists. We have to know how to engage them without there being a big argument, or them being our enemies (overtly). We must make them think we’re one in the same long enough to prosper from them (take their money), or move above them. –TheKing_65 (February 4, 2012)

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