Green Trumps Skin Color

Now, I just finished talking with my homie that told me that he talked to his mentor, Mark, about my post “Rise to Power”. His mentor told him that in the past guys have gathered their money in hopes to buy airports from white people but were turned down. He also told him that even if a black person gets a white person to agree to the terms of doing business with them and managing the business (while the owner collects the majority of the money from owning the business) that once he/she dies the white people will try to take it away. He also said that some may just try to extort the black person to begin with. Now this could raise a dilemma, or cause you to dig deeper. It’s true that some white people can’t see green pass white. People that adhere to the white alliance to this extent are limited in the amount of power that can/will attain because their holding on to false alliances built on a superiority complex simply for oppression. Smarter white nationalists understand that green trumps white easily. Money and power almost go hand and hand since money is usually somewhere in the midst of power. Limiting yourself simply because of hate or the love of
superiority is simply stupid. However, if a black person encounters someone like this this simply means to keep looking. It won’t take long to find someone that understands holding on to such false notions of allegiance are completely idiotic. Once a black person (or any person really) meets someone wise enough to understand that green trumps skin color in the acquiring of power, then “Rise to Power” *check this post to see what I typed* can easily be implemented. Furthermore, as for worrying about the passage of the founders of the implementers of “Rise to Power”, repetitiously repeating the processes mentioned in “Rise to Power” will prevent all of that. By the way, to give an example of practitioners of “Rise to Power” you can take the Jewish people of the 1950s. The Jewish people hated black people but loved our green, so they treated each of the customers with outstanding customer service while constantly expanding into black communities. (The only thing different that they didn’t do which is outlined in “Rise to Power” is hire black people to run their stores while collecting the proceeds. Instead, Jewish people did it themselves by creating an *on the surface* friendly environment with black people. *I learned about the Jewish run stores from my mentor Original White Folks when I messaged him about my post “Dealing with White Nationalists”.*) –Jason Williams (April 9, 2013)

The below confirms my theory “Rise to Power”. This response occurred on a post I made asking about interesting people you’ve met and gotten to know.

The most interesting person I met was a kat I worked on an IT project with who from India. He very low-key, humble guy that owned the company but you would not have known because he was working as the programmer and not the project manager or let's say not in appearance of running the show.

He gave me the best business advice on everything from running a company to taxes to employee management. Two of the biggest points was organizing a good team that allows you to do what you love to do and placing your team in roles they love to play. Alas why he was doing the programming and not the project managing, even though his name is on the checks.
The second was "looking like who you're selling to". Developing a strategically but having your people tactically carry out in a way it resonates to your customer. When selling/implementing a project in America the team is American, in Brazil - Brazilian, when in Africa - African. His internal operations, HR, Finance, Engineering he entrusted to people he was closed to, which I assume were his native people. He was definitely giving me game on overcoming the racial bottle-necks, infiltrating the system.

I went out to his web-site and learned he was running a 100 million dollar company. How cool and down-to-earth he was, you wouldn't have known. –Quizzing Glass (Courtesy of UPA, April 11, 2013)

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