Females Have No Excuse to be Broke

(This post is relevant as long as a woman hasn’t had any unforeseen catastrophes.)

Now, I know this some of you females and misguided males may think I sound misogynistic, but I’m going to explain my title. When you think about all of the added perks that women get just for being females, women have no excuse to be broke. If a woman has a child with a man and they decide to split, the court system will award her the child and will sentence the man to pay child support, and if he cannot afford to pay his child support then he will be condemned to jail--only to get out and to continue to be forced to pay child support—although now it will be harder for him to make his payments. Furthermore, child support is often granted as a covert lifestyle support fee—due to the amount guys often get assessed.
Next, if a woman gets married and the couple decides to split, then that woman will receive alimony, so she will be paid for her time spent in a marriage. Furthermore, we have some states that enforce palimony, so women can get paid for being in relationships that don’t involve marriage. Also, we have states that have common law marriage, where if a couple has been together for various years—ranging according to state—then the couple is automatically considered to be married; this once again lends itself to alimony. Also, we have various forms of government assistance, which lend themselves to women’s causes. So, all of these are ways in which the government picks up the tab for a woman if she cannot afford to adequately support herself and/or her child/children.
Next, we have men ourselves. Many men actually validate their manhood based on their ability to provide for—take care of—a woman. Previously, I explained that most relationships nowadays are trick-hoe relationships but let’s go further. Most female-male friendships consist of the unspoken friend-zone agreement, so most of these guys are alternative handymen and ATMs. With all of these resources in place, you can now see why I say women have no excuse to be broke. 
Now, the counterargument to what I stated would probably be that women’s cost-of-living is greater than guys; this is true, but no one told them that they had to pay to get weaves/extensions, acrylic nails, push-up bras, lift-up jeans, makeup, and other physical enhancement accessories. Now, they may say that they get it for us, however, this is a lie—because if they happen to get in a relationship—then the guy is going to eventually see her without all of these enhancement tools--so if the only reason he was with her was due to this--then he’s going to leave anyway, so they really get these things for themselves to make themselves feel better. I won’t elaborate on all-natural cost-saving ways that women can enhance their features because--due to them being women--they should know this already.
Now, I said all of this to say this: It’s a must that women bring tangibles to the relationship; any excuse she gives for being unable to is unacceptable. Don’t fall for it.

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